Indoor Allergins: Household Cleaners

Household Chemicals
There are a host of countless common household chemicals that create havoc when it comes to our indoor air quality. Formaldehyde, solvents, alcohols, dyes, and even artificial fragrances are just some of the main culprits off gassing in homes on a daily basis. Reduce the impact on your health, and prevent allergic reactions by following the tips below.

Tips on Chemical-Free Air
• Switch to safe, natural cleaning products that fully disclose all ingredients.
• If you must store a noxious chemical, make sure it is an airtight container, safely away from children and pets.
• Open the windows when you clean to allow the draft to remove contaminants from the air.
• When buying any new item for your home consider the adhesives, plastics, and materials that the item is made from.

By following these simple measures you can feel relief from indoor allergens and enjoy the cold months safely at home.

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