7 Outrageous Outdoor Adventure Activities


Think bungee jumping and sky-diving is as intense as thrill-seeking adventures gets? Ha! Click through to read more about some, well, extremely extreme sports that makes cliff diving look about as tame as a swimming pool diving board.

Would you participate in any of these extreme activities? Let us know in the comments!

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1. Mountain Biking on the “Road of Death”

Affectionately known as the “world’s most dangerous road,” Yungas Road in Bolivia curves along the mountainside, ascending and descending thousands of feet. The widest part? A whopping 10 feet, with at least an 1,800 foot drop at its edge — and yes, it’s a two lane highway. Luckily, much of the road, and vehicle traffic, has been rerouted. The original road, though, still remains, and has become a popular destination for extreme mountain biking. The 44 mile journey takes bikers about 6 or 7 hours.

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Image Credit: Radumuntean via Wikimedia Commons

2. BASE Jumping

If the thought of jumping out of a plane with a parachute is absolutely terrifying, BASE jumping probably isn’t for you. BASE jumpers take their dives from buildings, antennas, spans (bridges), or earth (cliffs), where the acronym BASE comes from. The free-fall last only a few seconds, and jumpers have to be smart about when they release the parachute, and have only a small window of time to find a safe place to land. Only the truly gutsy will attempt this sport — and even then, BASE jumping is often considered the most dangerous recreational activity on the planet.

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3. Zorbing

Why should hamsters have all the fun? Zorbing, first developed in New Zealand, involves hanging out in a giant plastic ball and rolling down a hill. It’s not as painful as it sounds, though: there’s a smaller ball within the large one, something that makes it a shock absorber. You have two options here: strap yourself in, or go free and let yourself “walk” around. Which one will you choose?!

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4. Swimming at the Top of Victoria Falls

Only a natural rock barrier protects these swimmers from falling nearly 300 feet down one of the world’s most prolific waterfalls. Though many of us probably could jump into that water, when the river level is just right, Devil’s Swimming Pool is nearly as popular of a destination as Victoria Falls itself! Though it is possible to stay perfectly safe here, accidental deaths have been reported.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

5. Sandsurfing

Want to surf, but thousands of miles from the nearest ocean? No need to save your allowance for a trip to the beach — try surfing on sand dunes instead! Participants usually prefer a skateboard deck (so, sans wheels) over a surfboard, and say it’s much more like snowboarding or even sledding than hanging ten.

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6. SCAD Diving

Like bungee jumping, Suspended Catch Air Device diving involves, well, a whole lot of gravity. But rather than being attached to a cord, you’re not attached to anything. Instead, you fall straight into a net. Yikes!

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7. Running the Marathon des Sables

Participating in an ultramarathon, or 6 regular marathons in one, would be an impressive feat for just about anyone. But throw in the intense heat of the Sahara desert? Well, that’s just outrageous! Often considered the most difficult foot race on the planet, the Marathon des Sables is a grueling six day trek through Southern Morocco.

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Image Credit: James Heilman via Wikimedia Commons

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