Glimpses of Higher Awareness

Jesus was more than wise. He received direct knowledge from God, his source of secret wisdom. To this day, most Christians consider this connection unique. Only God’s son could have been gifted with revelation in every word he spoke. Yet across many cultures, direct knowledge is a mark of higher consciousness.

All thinking happens in the mind, yet the closer you get to the mind’s source, the more your thoughts are like revelations. They no longer seem like “my” thoughts, the kind associated with everyday events and personal memories. Instead, you seem to tap into reality itself.

Jesus spoke of divine reality, the revealed wisdom of the soul. The same experience is possible for anyone in higher consciousness. This is an aspect of intuition, and what is being revealed is the nature of the soul, or higher self.

Revelation was Jesus’ primary means of communication. The disciples ask a question, and Jesus answers as God would. In the simplest terms, Jesus’ mind was God’s mind. Jesus didn’t have to interpret anything; he was guided by pure truth. Needless to say, he provides a daunting model. Can we really expect our own thoughts to come directly from God?

Why not? Achieving insight and intuition is a reasonable expectation on the path, and Jesus intended to serve not as a supernatural phenomenon, but as an example of someone who has reached the goal.


Adapted from The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


Janice Wilson
Janice Wilson5 years ago

is some truth in your video - but alot of misunderstanding too
God is not a he or she, but a being , power , energy , life force
Divine and true , peace , love at its pure eternal essence *
God is in all human hearts
and most fortunate ones wake up to this presence within
and are guided by it
there is alot of truth in the Bible but it was written by men not god
and there are some untruths in there too
only by connecting to your heart of love can you tell the difference
this is true for me or you and all
i wish you growth in coming deeper into your experience and understanding of god
just as i wish this for me and all
love and blessings , janice

James Crowley
James Crowley5 years ago

God's Word is actually God Himself. That means that everything we read in the Word of God, God stands behind and is ready to perform today.This Video can explain more, if you really want to have meaning to your life!!! Please watch with a open mind and heart....

Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

You send us all your personal and studied guidance, each day, Dr. Chopra, and this one is quite a special selection. I do believe that what you say is true. Our 'core essence' is as one with the Creator. For me, Jesus’ language is a guidepost of 'conscience and consciousness' which addresses my human life lessons throughout every trial and earthbound tribulation. John the Baptist also said some things which take my mind to the next level of awareness. I like to see the future as humanity 'getting a grip' on this wonder, and fulfilling all the truly magnificent messages of all our hope, peace, joy and love, as individually born witnesses, and as a celebration of our connected gifts of life - all in a New Way. In this prayer, is always the revelation of our love that has overcome every 'human error' and we establish His World of Divine Peace - for God's Glory - ever after. [ words can get in the way, read with your heart's understanding, not too literally,... ]

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago


Vicky P.
Vicky P5 years ago


Debra Griffin
Missy G5 years ago


Janice Wilson
Janice Wilson5 years ago

~ God has no gender
but masters like christ buddha others do
truest understanding takes place in human heart , by feeling , experiencing , not thinking
dwelling place of God in all souls ~ * ~
those who open to heart , self , receive knowledge of self have direct experience of god within themselves *
all masters have said in one way or the other the kingdom of god is within , know thyself , look within , a living true master can take a living student within self with living knowledge of self * must come with heart of a child to experience :)))))))))))))
this is the great gift of being alive on earth with a living master
it is most profound serious and wise fun :)))))))))))))
love to all beings ,

andrew h.
- -5 years ago

the rest of the quotes from Yogananda:

"No matter what your trials have been, or how discouraged you are, if you will make a continued effort to be better, you will find that, being made in the image of God, you are endowed with an unlimited power that is much stronger than your worst trials. Make up your mind that you will win, focusing all your concentration on ceaseless efforts to succeed, and you will surely be victorious.

Remember that your difficulties did not come to crush you, but to strengthen your determination to use your limitless divine powers to succeed."

andrew h.
- -5 years ago

thanks Deepak. this may be relevant from Yogananda:

"Scientists would accomplish much more if they concentrated on increasing the receptivity of their brain cells, instead of depending only on books and other outward sources. When the divine magnetism touches the brain cells, each individual cell becomes a vibrant brain. You then have a myriad of awakened brains ready to grasp all knowledge. With billions of awakened brain cells, you will be able to apprehend all things.

Whenever you want to know something, meditate and go within. When the mind is calm and receptive, ask the Divine to direct you to right action, and act according to the inner direction you receive. With the power of awakened brain cells you will quickly perceive everything. Success in all things will come to pass in a short time."

"Cultivate the consciousness that the Divine Spirit, the owner of the whole universe and all of its abundance, is your own Father. You, as His beloved child, have the absolute right to possess everything He does. Never beg or pray for anything, but hold the thought that you have everything already, and that all you have to do is to seize it with the natural confidence of a child of God.

No matter what your trials have been, or how discouraged you are, if you will make a continued effort to be better, you will find that, being made in the image of God, you are endowed with an unlimited pow

Janice Wilson
Janice Wilson5 years ago

without knowing our Heart , feeling within , we'll never know god , can think and believe anything we want , but real is real , whether we know it , feel it or not ~ know thyself , no way around this ~