Introducing a New Era of Consciousness

We need a new way to live.
Whether it is the political stalemate in the U.S., the financial system that keeps failing most people or expensive health-care structures that don’t truly heal, the call for change is everywhere. Not just change. Fundamental change.

Future scenarios do paint a radically different world. However, most solutions are cast in terms of ever-more-clever technology. In fact, if today’s society is characterized by the interplay between technology, communication and the market economy, the conventional view of the future is more of the same: more technology, more communication and more market. Simply put: We’re waiting for an even more compelling iPad. Add to that more speed, and the future becomes an accelerated extension of the past. But that’s exactly what the hunter thought before the farmer replaced him. And the coachman never saw the automobile coming.

No, our future probably won’t be one in which technology, communication and the market dominate even more. “I don’t believe the science fiction like Star Trek where people are essentially the same 400 years in the future,” says renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. He predicts that biological systems will continue to evolve to keep ahead of electronic ones and rejects the idea that technological inventions will remain the focus in a world devoid of new social breakthroughs.

What, then, will the future look like? Many ancient traditions have predicted a new era. The Mayan calendar with its end date of December 21, 2012, is the most famous sign of such a new beginning. The stories of these traditions speak about a new phase of our development that is not about technology but about harnessing our inner potential. The promise is that we are at the threshold of a consciousness revolution. Some compare the opportunity to the cultural renaissance of 15th-century Italy, which made room for humanity in a world ruled by an omnipotent God. This spiritual renaissance opposes our god—the power of the market and technology—and offers humanity a new social place.

In past centuries, humanity has enthusiastically pursued the discovery of everything that can be seen and touched. The overwhelming question regarding the “why” of our existence—the understanding of consciousness—was shoved aside for the sake of convenience. But that doesn’t mean evolution can escape the question. In fact, physicists have been discovering ever-smaller particles. There is no smallest piece of matter. It seems that matter is ultimately dissolving in energy. At the same time, recent brain research shows that our thoughts—the proof of our consciousness—are energy as well. So it may well be that the science of matter is leading to the question of consciousness and bringing us closer to our biggest “why?”

History offers hope. Evolution is marked by trend-breakers. Problems lead to solutions. We’re not courting disaster. We are verging on a new face of humanity.

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Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

Many of us already are moving into the new consciousness. We've already done the God/religian thing, and the Anti God/athiest thing, and have realized that thoughts combine to make structures called beliefs, and we get it that evidence does not mean Absolute Trueth any more than lack of seen evidence means fairytales. We all accept a lot of assumptions on faith because we choose to believe what science says, just as much as we choose to accept what religion says.The real question then is what kinds of experiences do people have when they believe what they believe, whether by choice or unknowingly being endoctrinated.Personaly, I find that the simpler you can live, the less you find a need to defend any belief, especially those that claim they get to decide what's real for everybody.Then your mind expands outward and allows more comprehention to flow in and the more absurd all those beliefs sound anyway.Good to stay grounded in Nature as this happens as your constant mirth could get you locked up.

Mac C.
mac C4 years ago

Interesting, I will read the other articles. At this point, I just wonder who the people in the boxes are--- leading figures in the Consciousness Field? BTW, I can't manage to make the link work. Thanks.

Tanya W.
Tanya W4 years ago


Mitchell D.
Mitchell D4 years ago

So much hype!
Matter IS energy: "Matter is congealed energy," Albert Einstein. Of energy in the form of matter, there is, apparently, a "smallest part," the quarks and gluons.
That ancient traditions refer to a new beginning is irrelevant. Ancient traditions say, or are interpreted as saying all sorts of things.
Trancendental Meditation did not live up to its own hype.
Individuals can work towards increased awareness, compassion and, possibly, other forms of higher consciousness.
Neurological research shows that the plasticity of our brains allows them to be subtly rewired, allows changes in blood flow in people who have done huge amounts of meditation, over vast periods of their lives, allowing these individuals, it might be said, to change their consciousness...but this is not a genetically transferable, evolutionary change!

Andras C.
Andras C5 years ago

I feel you are possibly on the right track. What we need as a species is a practical, implementable method of accelerating the human spiritual (non religious) awakening. If you are going that way I will most likely join you, if you'll have me.

Fiona T.
Past Member 5 years ago

Let's get aware of ourselves and treasure what and who we are and then others

linda s.
Past Member 5 years ago

Getting rid of stupid superstitions and belief systems - especially religion - would be a start!!

Roni Jo Patterson

I believe the research and work in AI will result in a self-aware life form. Talk about new levels of consciousness...!

Roger M.
Past Member 5 years ago


Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey5 years ago

I have wondered a million times "why life?" I mean really, for what purpose? What IS the point? Really.