Introducing the Importance of Self-Worth

By Cheryl Saban, Intent

What is your personal currency? What do you feel you have to offer to the world at large, and is that offering given the value, validity and respect it deserves? Are you happy to be a girl? When you judge yourself as we all do, how do you measure up? Are you an equally treasured part of society? Are you predictable? Does being a girl or a woman ever make you feel compromised in any way? When you consider your worth as a woman, what comes to mind? A womanís worth as the subject of inquiry may expose emotions and responses that surprise you.

Do you even consider your worth at all? Perhaps not in so many words, but the subject of worth, worthiness, value, and validity comes up for women time and again, and is manifested by behaviors and gender stereotypes that donít serve us well.

Why is it important to understand your true worth, your inner value, your personal currency? Iím going to be bold and say that not only is it important to recognize your innate worth, itís critical that you do. Your survival and sense of well-being virtually depends upon it. No matter when or where you embarked on your journey of discovery, remember to tell yourself how worth it you are, because my friend, you are the one who is in charge of establishing it, and you are the one who needs to endorse and project it.

What does self-worth mean to you? How do you define or assess it? Is there a general measurement of worth that holds true for everyone? Most probably, youíve formed a conception of what self-worth and self-esteem means for you. Can you feel validated and valued? Will you grant yourself that level of respect?

When you recognize your innate worth, you are more inclined to strive to fulfill your potential, and having done that, you will be happy. Women who are successful exude a sense of confidence in themselves. They realize that they are the directors of their own destinies, and therefore take a positive stance as they look forward. They are happy people.

The first step in acknowledging and accessing your worth, value, and sense of fulfillment, is to take an honest personal assessment. An assessment of who you are and where you stand is vital to your ability to function freely in the world. By assessing and recognizing your abilities, you validate yourself, and you need to be able to do that before anyone else can validate you.

Without personal awareness of your abilities, goals and challenges, you might lose sight of your choices. Resist the urge to accept out-of-hand what society dictates, and you will experience an enormous sense of freedom. You do have options in life; you just need to be willing to use them.

In concrete ways, by owning your worth you honor women everywhere, and the trickle-down effect of your actions will ultimately reach every corner of the globe.

In my next post, I will provide a quiz, which will help you assess where you are in terms of your own self-worth.

“Throughout this series, my intent is to provide visitors with information and exercises designed to guide women to define their own self-worth, take responsibility for it and then to pass it on to others. I will introduce the concept of self-worth and explore how to apply it to various areas of womenís lives, including love, sex and intimacy, finances and motherhood.†† And finally, I will provide ideas of how to give back to your fellow women.” -Cheryl Saban provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.


Harri S.
Harri S.8 years ago

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Ambrose Merly
Past Member 8 years ago

nice article.

Tanik Tri R
Tanik Tr8 years ago

Others may judge us from what we dont have.. Only with self-worth we can appreciate the life that we have..

Agata R.
Vicky L9 years ago

So often when we happen to be successful, others will bring us down (perhaps it's from jealousy). It's a huge challenge to see yourself through your own eyes, not as a projection of other people's opinion of us. But what else can we use as a point of reference?

True honest friends are worth their weight in gold.

For the problems with accepting compliments - why not try to compliment other people, but always honestly and from the heart. Then you'll know that it's not impossible to happen the other way!

Carol H.
Past Member 9 years ago

It took me years and years to feel as though I worth anything because I was raped from the age of twelve (12) to the age of twenty-one (21) and I didn't know that effected me but I lost many many a job not until I got help did I even know that it did effect me. Because as the person was telling me I became the rape and the rape was me.
When I realized how much I had lost friends, family and 1 husband because of my temper because if anyone got close to me I would throw a temper because I was always afraid of speaking about it because the entire time he was doing this to me he told me that if I talked he would kill my family starting with my mother and let me watch.
When I finally started good about myself I was in my 50's and I had lost so much. I just wanted to kill my brother-in-law but it was to late.

Stacy S.
Stacy S.9 years ago

"I can" is a great mantra to have, but I always feel the need to add..."& I DESERVE IT!" For one reason or another, I need to remind myself that I'm worth it. Whatever "IT" may be that day.

arturo b.
arturo b9 years ago

is there any quiz to assess and recognize my abilities? have any of you had overcome coping with a low self esteem??
cause i have pretty low self steam, which is causing me lots of troubles in terms of personal development, and i think one of the main problems is that i can not recognize my abilities ...also when people make compliments, for me only means they are just being nice. Even though i know there is a possibility that they are being honest with me, my brain doest accept that idea ...
it is very painful to deal with low self esteem, can someone give me a hint to over come that? pls