Intuition, Uncertainty, and Making Decisions

Trusting one’s intuition is an important part of living an authentic life. In addition to making decisions that resonate with us, trusting our intuition entails sitting with uncertainty during the decision making process. If we believe in our ability to hear and respond to our intuition, then we can have faith that, even if we have not resolved a particular problem or come do a conclusion about a choice we are in the process of making, we will ultimately come to an authentic decision.

When we have this faith in ourselves, we make decisions in a less panicked manner. We no longer feel the anxiety we experience when we believe we must make a decision immediately, in order to avoid the uncertainty of the decision making process.

Trusting our intuition also means that, if we make a mistake, it is simply an opportunity to learn and grow. When we make decisions that do not serve us, it is often because we are not fully in touch with ourselves and our needs and desires. When we examine our reasons for making such decisions, we often discover something about ourselves that will help us lead more fulfilling lives in the future



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