Is a Full Gas Tank the Greenest Gas Tank?

Removing your gas cap as little as possible will save you gas. Over 147 million gallons of gas evaporate from tanks each year. I know plenty of people who will not let their gas gauge go below three-fourths of a tank. They tell me that it’s good for the car. It’s not. It wastes gas.

Every time you open the gas tank, you lose gas vapor that your car could use. So you should try to open it up as little as possible. Furthermore, a car that is low on gas weighs less, and it takes less gas to move it. There is no harm in running low on gas. There is only harm in running out of gas.

The trick is to wait till your tank is empty and fill it up. Don’t put the bare minimum in the tank. I know gas is expensive in these uncertain times, but try and fill your tank completely each time you go to the pump.

The more trips to the gas station, the more gas you’ll be using. Fill up your tank, and you’ll save gas and reduce emissions overall.

Source: Daily Fuel Economy Tip

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Jo Recovering
Jo S3 years ago

Thanks Megan.

Megan Camarena
Megan Camarena7 years ago

Great article. I had never really thought of it that way, but now it seems so obvious! I

Joe R.
Joe R7 years ago

I've been doing this for years.

Howard C.
.7 years ago

This is so obvious, I almost feel ashamed for not having thought of it myself. I guess that the act of refueling a vechicle must also waste fuel, it certainly smells! Apparently a huge amount of money is spent on developing fuel efficient engines, maybe a little more could be spent on more efficient ways of fuel the engines we already have. Thanks again for this one, I will be very mindful of it in the future.

Christopher Gomez

Thanks for the insight on a topic I've always considered. Almost running out of gas all the time has always been my timing, who knew it was the green way!

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p9 years ago

no idea about this i don`t own a car

Nadia Ann
Past Member 9 years ago

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Tex B.
Tex B9 years ago

Unless you are planning for a long trip, I don't think it is always good to have a full tank every time you fill up. With a tankful of gas, you carry more weight and the engine has to work harder to move the car thus using more gas in the process. You can fill a tankful once in a while so your gas level mechanism inside the tank won't get stuck up and give you false reading.

Val P.
Past Member 9 years ago

yes, this is a good article. thank you.

and also, fuel up early in the morning or in the evening.

here's why:

Bill U.
Bill U9 years ago