Is Creativity Missing From Your Life?

by Sherri Carter, MS, Supervising Editor on

Have you ever wondered what “the next step” is after the healing, forgiving, shifting, etc? Are we destined to stay in a continual state of healing? NO! There’s so much more! Read more about my discovery when I asked “what is the next step?”

I’ve been at the spiritual crossroads for quite some time now. It all started when I realized I was surrounded by some who were in the cycle of always needing to heal something, shift something, some excuse for not living a full life that they were actively participating in creating. I even wrote my best selling book, Live Your Intentions, utilizing the Universal Law of Action, while in this space. It isn’t enough to know the truth, YOU MUST LIVE IT! It was my desire to empower people to move into actively creating and living the life they wished to live. I even began to doubt my work. What if the book I wrote was keeping people in that cycle? YIKES! This is definitely not what I never intended to happen.
My frustration lead to some rather drastic changes for my life. I walked away from the dissatisfaction, taking charge of the only life I could take charge of, mine. Now, walking away can be scary. I was leaving the known, into the direction of the unknown. My motivation was to find the answer to these questions I had; what do we do when we’ve created the awareness, when we’ve healed the past, when we’re ready to live an empowered life? How do we move from the cycle of staying in a space where we feel as though we haven’t healed enough, forgiven enough, aren’t enough to move forward? I was more than ready to break out of that disempowering cycle!

While it was very uncomfortable being in the unknown, I searched. I searched for what I referred to as the next step. What comes after the healing? Are we destined to always be in the cycle of needing to heal, keeping us in a state of feeling like there’s something which makes us less than and not worthy? I hoped the answer would be NO, we’re destined for so much more!

Fast forward about a year. I was doing an interview with Jeni James of Tadasana Travel. During our interview, Jeni made the comment, “So, again, the liberation that comes from creating your own environment offsets any fear or challenge that arises in that space. It’s there to support you whether you have something to heal or something to create.”

In that moment, I realized those words were the answer I was looking for! I was taken aback by it. My reply was, “Whether it’s to heal or to create.” That was just a wonderful little nugget right there. Some of us have done all the healing and then, it’s not to say that, “Oh, we’re done”, but you heal and then what? And I like that. To create. So that was just a little personal insight for me. Thank you!”

How many times do you get to have your own personal “a-ha moment” recorded? Here was my own little burning bush moment to listen to over and over again! As I thought more and more about those words, I realized the answer had been right before me all the time! I was fairly certain it was, I was just having a difficult time putting my finger on it. Also, I realized my work was not to keep anyone in the cycle of always needing to heal, but rather, to empower people to move past their self-perceived limitations and to create the life they truly desired. Throughout my work, I repeatedly wrote about creating the life you desire. “Now, I do want to have the disclaimer of things come up; things you thought you had healed, forgiven, etc. Are we ever truly done? Probably not. However, when these things come up, hopefully 1) you begin to recognize it sooner and sooner, and 2) you have the skills and knowledge to handle it better and better each time. But there really does come a time when you realize that you can no longer stay in a limited space, you must do more, become more. As Anaďs Nin so beautifully said “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. I was there. I could no longer let the past limit my present or my future. I was beyond ready to create!

This lead to discovering the Universal Law of Creation, the blending of thoughts and actions to bring about, to create, what is desired. So, when you’ve created the awareness, done the work, healed, forgiven, shifted, etc. the next powerful step is TO CREATE! This is the power of Universal Principles and Truths! They aren’t designed to keep you limited into only thinking, wishing and waiting as so many would have you believe. Instead of stopping at the asking for what you want step, ask yourself “what am I creating today?” Create want you want. Become an active, empowered participant in your life, watch the beauty unfold and blossom into something amazing!

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Thanks for this article. It is certainly helpful for improving your life situation.

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

Because of the long winter months in Canada, I feel sure Canadians have far more creative pursuits during the cold weather to keep them engaged while being indoors. It also leads to a quiet time to do more introspection and reassessment of one's life.

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thanks for sharing

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Creativity is not missing, it is time to do all the things I love.
One in a while I do, if I'm not working.

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thank you for a thought-provoking article!

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Interesting premise, as I've seen a lot of people stuck in the 'always need to heal' stage, probably for exactly the reason the writer suggested, it's possible nothing is perfectly healed and they still feel they have work in that area to do. But then, life is never perfect, and at some point a different stage of action is required. Thanks.

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