Is Fall Sapping Your Energy? 5 Tips to “Fall” Back On

The winds of seasonal change are blowing. There is plenty of orange going around from falling leaves out here in the East to carved pumpkins and mums on doorsteps. In color therapy, orange is the hue of cheerfulness. Therefore I expect to be greeted with sunny dispositions; instead I hear a few mumbled words and observe allergic eyes, sluggish gaits and stuffy noses.

Fall compels you to take stock of your home, garden, school curriculum and work. You note what is depleted and what areas require innovation. While change is stimulating, it can be stressful because for awhile you live in ambiguity to see if things will work out. Instead of rigorously following the tracks you have carefully mapped out, try not to lose track of living in the moment. Nature is a great teacher. Let nature take you on a walk to be present–alive and alert–to what is meaningful in life.

To power up:

* Fall back on the things that bring you simple pleasures like laughter, massage, well-prepared hearty food, music, art, good friends–including people and pets.

* Don’t fall down, fall up! Become a work in progress. And if others ask you questions that make you feel small and unimportant, tell them that you are still under construction.

* Rake the leaves, fall on the pile and show your true colors. Even if you have been hurt in the past, the more you open your heart and�reveal your inner child, the lighter and happier you will feel.

* Build an identity totem pole on your desk. What small objects fortify your spirit? On my desk I have a photo of a bee on a rose, a smooth river rock and an aloe plant– it could be horizontal.

* Find physical exercises which energize your mind. If you have to develop a difficult project at work, walk uphill to mirror your climb to the summit. If you cannot release a sad situation, then play catch with a friend using a basketball or–for greater intensity–a weighted medicine ball. Imagine when you throw the ball off your chest, you let go of the negativity. When you catch the ball, you catch the abundance of life.

Regarding those fall allergies, keep yourself in balance to minimize the little stressors that cause that tipping point. If you don’t feel better, consult your doctor for medication.

By Debbie Mandel,


Sheila Scheibl
Sheila Scheibl8 years ago

Thank you for the article, but most of all for the comments... it reminds me to stay in touch with the rhythm and patterns that the Earth follows... after all, we are made of the earth, in any sense you look at it!

Mary B.
Mary B8 years ago

For Every season I create an alter of sorts in the west kitchen window. Fall is partularly enjoyable because I love the rich golds and mahoganies and oranges, and the dried grasses and silver sage.The colors always spill over onto the table with bright cloths and spicey scented candles and dried arrangments. As the early autumn colors fade, it's time for greys, silvers, frosty whites, stark blacks, pale tans, all the somber hues of November that invite the warmth of a cozy fire.And so it goes thru out the seasons, adding jaunty reds and greens for the holidays.This keeps me grounded in the natural cycles and the things of real importance in life. It amazes me how far off course people get when they lose this bond to Earth.Winter is the time for Bear Medicine. Deep sleep, planning for the coming year, rejuvinating body, mind and spirit.Slow down,enjoy more. Fresh snow,even on a city landscape creates magic.

D. E-Platt8 years ago

Just as nature shifts from the expansiveness of summer, shedding her warm weather growing
season - we to need to prepare ourselves for the changes that come.

The fall is the time to begin moving plants indoors, putting our gardens to bed, and turning on the heat in our homes. It is when warming tea & soup made with the bounty of the harvest season can sooth our sore throats & stuffiness.

If we're in balance within ourselves, & with nature, we know intuitively that we are preparing ourselves for the deep sleep of winter. This can be a time of renewal of the spirit, of going deep within and getting the rest we need.

Bring warm rich colors & foods, especially root vegetables, into your life to fill yourself up with their nourishing comfort, visually, emotionally, and physically. Let this be the time to replenish yourself and your family.