Is Taylor Swift a Crazy Cat Lady?

Taylor Swift, the 23-year old songbird, is a self-proclaimed “cat lady.” But is she really? Sophia, my 9-year old daughter (and self-proclaimed cat kid and Taylor Swift fan) and I decided to really see if Ms. Swift lived-up to this honorable title and this is what we discovered:

1. She has a Scottish Fold cat named Meredith (named after the protagonist in Grey’s Anatomy).

2. She posts lots of photos of Meredith on line – especially Meredith lounging around in weird positions.

3. Last February after the Grammy Awards, she tweeted that she was skipping the after parties to hang-low with her cat instead.

4. She includes meowing in her vocal warm-ups — really!

5. The first Vine video clip posted by Swift showcases the songbird and her kitty watching love scenes from the Titanic.

6. Meredith always goes on tour with Swift.

7. Swift has proclaimed many times that Meredith is the love of her life — boys come and go, but Meredith is always there for her.

8. Swift has a heart-to-heart discussion with Meredith about the AMC voting for entertainer of the year – and posts it online.

Based on the above facts, Sophia and I agree that Taylor Swift has rightfully earned the honorable title of Cat Lady. We think Meredith would agree. But has she crossed the line into crazy cat lady territory?

First off, neither Sophia nor I think the term “crazy cat lady” has merit. Just because you are crazy about cats doesn’t make you a crazy cat lady. After all, do women who love dogs, or men for that matter, get labeled “crazy dog lady” or “crazy dog dude”? No. Never. So, why the crazy cat lady name-calling?

Well, to be fair there is an interesting history to the term that goes back all the way to the Middle Ages and even deeper into human psychosis, but that is beyond the reach of Taylor Swift’s love of cats and this post, other than to mention that it involves the Church, supposed witchcraft, widowhood, money, mold and cat poop. (I promise to write about this spell-binding story in another post).

Taylor Swift, however, well aware of the “crazy cat lady” epithet, whether fair or not, has declared that despite the fact that she meows during her vocal warm-ups and constantly posts pictures of her Scottish Fold, she has not crossed into crazy cat lady territory. What would qualify as “crossing the line” according to Swift? Writing a song about cats. She emphatically declared that singing a song about cats would indeed earn her the title of “crazy cat lady.” So, Taylor Swift fans who have been hoping for a serenade from the songbird about pussycats will just have to wait.


By Sophia Udell and Cherise Udell


Panchali Yapa
Panchali Yapa4 years ago

Thank you

sandra j.
sandra j5 years ago

Atleast she has a constant

Butch T.
Butch Tarra5 years ago

If Taylor Swift is a crazy cat lady then I'm a crazy cat man !! I have loved cats my whole life even though it "isn't manly".I rode Harley's all my life and have ridden with a very large "sober motorcycle club".That is considered manly,lol.I consider loving cats(I have 4 that I love more than I love most people,lol) and riding my Harley just being me and if some people don't think that's cool they can tell their story walking !! Loving cats IS MANLY !!...Butch

Carole R.
Carole R5 years ago

Yea ... Taylor. Just another reason to like you. :0)

Geoff P.
Past Member 5 years ago


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Martyna Wrobel
Martyna Wr?bel5 years ago

I was neutral towards her, but now I find her great. If a person likes animals, it cannot be a bad person!

Heather Holland
Heather Holland5 years ago


Genoveva M.
Genoveva M M5 years ago

Nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady, I wish there were more like her :)

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago

Hey society can NEVER have ENOUGH CRAZY CAT LADIES :)