Is the Sound of Nature the Perfect Fifth?

On a walk near my house the other day I listened to the crickets and thought, could they be chirping in a perfect fifth? I had been learning about how listening to perfect fifth tuning forks can bring your whole nervous system into balance, and more. Lau Tzu referred to the perfect fifth as the perfect balance of yin and yang, and universal harmony.

Intrigued, I collected my perfect fifth tuning forks–a C and a G–and went back out to listen to the crickets. I dinged the tuning forks and you could have knocked me over with a feather because the crickets were not only singing (chirping?) the perfect fifth, but the C and Gs.

A few days before I had received an e-mail from one of my sisters who had been doing a lot of hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during a vacation. She and her husband are both professional musicians, and they were intrigued with my amazing vacation, which was to spend nine days at Jonathan Goldman’s healing sounds intensive at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado. Thinking of sound healing, she said to me in her e-mail that they kept hearing the perfect fifth in the woods, in the streams, in the wind, and she thought I’d be interested.

According to John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., the pioneer of healing with tuning fork, the perfect fifth brings your whole nervous system into balance and integrates your mind and body. Within 30 seconds you can achieve a state of unification and deep relaxation, which might take you 45 minutes to reach through meditation.

Could this be one reason we find nature so rejuvenating? That it gives us an amazing healing?


gerlinde p.
gerlinde p8 years ago

i`ve alwas found listening to crickets very relaxing, very interesting thankyou.

Vural K.
Past Member 8 years ago


Alice L.
Alice Louise9 years ago

Euh, sorry, but... can someone explain to me what a "perfect fifth" is? I never had music lessons, live in a town without any crickets (too cold here).

Where I do agree is that natural sounds are very relaxing and help to find peace within.

But what is the "perfect fifth"?

Wendy Ford
Wendy Ford9 years ago

This sounds like an interesting lesson plan exploration for apathetic middle schoolers. I am a music teacher k-8. I'll make sure we have our 2 tuning forks and listen to the
Coxen album. I also have a peace album featuring cicadas chirping as a backdrop to crystal bowl music. To the person who reflected on the fifth in heavy metal, I reply that a close friend found the sounds of the cicacas "irritating"! I guess it depends not only on the intent in making the sound but where the listener is spiritually when hearing it.

Past Member
Past Member 9 years ago

In Bali the gamelan music arose from listening to the rice paddies at night, the sounds of all the creatures (including crickets). This a wonderful backdrop to their concerts. They use a different scale, fewer notes. I wonder what the relationship is to the perfect 5th. Gamelan anyone?

Ali R.
Ali R9 years ago

Robert Coxon "Mental Clarity"

Ali R.
Ali R9 years ago

Track 12: "Twisted Hair"
From: Music For The Native Americans
By: Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble

Crickets! A man talking, one woman singing softly, and a 'chorus' of crickets. They are played at normal speed, and the most magical part.... The angelic choir all the way through are the singing crickets slowed down! They sound human and angelic! I hope you will seek it out and listen to it! It's amazing!

Philip P.
Philip P9 years ago

I love to sit in my backyard and listen to the sounds of crickets. But unfortunately, it's all drowned out by a half dozen barking dogs and loud motorcycles. For me a CD is the only practical alternative.

Jill Freeman
Jill Freeman9 years ago

Robert Coxen has an amazing CD, "Mental Clarity", where he plays a perfect fifth throughout a 20 minute meditation piece. That is basically all you here and it is the only thing that has taken my "chatty mind" to a place of complete silence. He also plays two other pieces which of music on the CD which also incorporate the perfect fifth. Sometimes I stay awake through the whole CD but go into a very deep, peaceful state. Other times I doze off. After listening for a month, I have a new profound sense of calmness and peace. Love the perfect fifth!

Nicole B.
Nicole B9 years ago

wow! that's really cool, i'm a music student...and usually catch things like this... no crickets in big cities i suppose...too loud to hear them anyways!!--very cool fact... :)