It’s Official. We Are All Contaminated

“What I would like to see is a huge public outcry demanding clean air, clean water, clean food. For people to say, NO! Pollution is intolerable and we won’t allow it anymore.” Dr. Wally Burnstein

It’s all over the Internet by now. Research carried out by the University of California reveals that of 268 expectant mothers each of them showed levels of toxic chemicals. The study, recently published in Environmental Health Perspectives, concluded, “Certain PCBs, organochlorine pesticides, PFCs, phenols, PBDEs, phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and perchlorate were detected in 99 to 100% of pregnant women.” Read the report HERE.

This research follows the Environmental Working Groups stunning announcement, over 5 years ago, that 287 toxic chemicals were found in the umbilical cord blood of pregnant women, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and PFOA, a chemical used in the production of Teflon. Not too long ago medical science believed that these same chemicals could not, for some reason, manage to cross the umbilical cord and into the fetus.

As autism levels skyrocketed, along with attention deficit disorders and child cancers, the finger rarely pointed back to the womb and to what the mother was eating, breathing or drinking. I’m not talking about alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse, I am referring to pesticides and mercury in food, fluoride in water, dioxin and cadmium in the air, and PCP’s in bottled drinking water for starters. Did we really presume that we could flood the earth with over 70,000 toxic chemicals and escape with our health intact? Who suffers the most, but the generations of children whose very DNA is affected by heavy metal contamination.

Lately I have been receiving the most interesting emails, especially from people calling themselves food scientists. They criticize me for suggesting that aspartame is a dangerous chemical that turns to formaldehyde in the body and they take me to task for writing that non-organic coffee has pesticide residue when, according to them, by roasting coffee beans the pesticides, Whoosh, vanish into thin air. I have also been reprimanded for guiding individuals to change their processed and refined food diet to one consisting of whole organic foods; but, until now, I have been quiet about the effects of toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord, because mothers will feel they must take the blame and suffer the guilt that is, in reality, the responsibility of the chemical and food industries.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get involved and really work to help clean up the environment. You can do this by making changes in your lifestyle and guiding friends and family to do so as well; but you will also need to leave time for environmental activism at the local, state or national level. Every community in the world is now dealing with some type of environmental issue, a garbage incinerator, toxic waste dump, pesticide spraying or GMO crops growing next door to your organic garden. The list is endless and growing with each day. If everyone reading this blog started working on one or more of these issues, the impact would be tremendous. Pass the word and look for specific ways to make an impact in my next blog.


Jana Puz
Jana Puz6 years ago

thank you for sharing your toughts with us Delia! i appreciate you doing it. it's very important that as many people as possible become aware of these facts. i definitely agree with your conclusions, we are contaminated. it's not imaginable that 50 years ago people were thinking (and some still do today) that we can throw everything and anything into the water and soil and that it wouldn't come back to us. what a naive perspective. i experimented with different foods and figured out to feel the best, phisicaly and menthaly when eating non processed or as least as possible, localy grown, seasonal foods, plenty of veggies and fruits.

Fareena Narine
Fareena Narine6 years ago

Whoa got to be careful thanks so much for the article

Claude H.
Claude Hines6 years ago

This article is a bit frightening, but what did we think? That we could run off toxic or noxious waste into our oceans, landfills, and soil withoui it coming back to bite us. All about us is now polluted. My prayer is that it is not too late to clean up the water which will then clean the air, both of which will benefit us humans.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

So true!

Ximena Lasserre
Ximena Lasserre7 years ago

Thanks for the information! Great article!

xxx y.


Ainsley Chalmers
Ainsley Chalmers7 years ago

the greatest polluter in our environment is prolonged stress because it generates excessive amounts of free radicals within our bodies which in turn decrease immunity, increase cancer and cardiac diseases. so it is important for good health to adress your stress issues and take antioxidants like vit C and E. like the bible says "a cheerful heart doeth good like medicine". In fact God's word (the bible) has lots of good destressing messages.

Sara T.
Sara T.7 years ago

Hi Delia -- I applaud the idea of creating a safer home, and because there's so much misinformation out there about Teflon, I'm not surprised that you are concerned. I'm a representative of DuPont though, and hope you'll let me share some information with you and your readers so that everyone can make truly informed decisions.

Regulatory agencies, consumer groups and health associations all have taken a close look at Teflon. This article highlights what they found -- the bottom line is that you can use Teflon without worry.

I'd truly be glad to share additional information about it if you are interested, and appreciate your consideration of this comment. Cheers, Sara.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

thanx for the article

Kris Allen
Kris Allen7 years ago

A good primer on this topic is "Our Stolen Future" by Colborn, Dumanoski and Myers. ISBN 0-452-27414-1 (paperback).I recommend it.