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What if you were standing on the moon, looking out at an Earth engulfed by planets and stars and the velvety mystery of the cosmos? Could the experience shatter your faith in a mechanical universe ruled by chance and control and coincidence?

That’s what happened to Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell four decades ago when he made his famous moon walk—and as soon as he returned home, he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to explore what was to him the next frontier: the role of consciousness in our lives and in our world.

IONS Senior Scientist Marilyn Schlitz has played a pivotal role in that exploration. That’s why The Intelligent Optimist asked her to open The Consciousness Conversations, a six-session online series happening now. And she did so eloquently, inspiring our audience with ideas like these:

“The skill set for the 21st century, and something that I really feel passionate about, is the metacognitive capacity to hold paradox, to hold a multiplicity of points of view.” Watch a short clip of Schlitz exploring these ideas below. CLICK HERE

And The Consciousness Conversations are far from over!
There’s still time to hear what our next guest, The Bond author Lynne McTaggart, has to say and to add your voice to the dialogue. There’s no limit to your questions.

NEXT UP on March 19: Lynne McTaggart
We urgently need a new story, says journalist Lynne McTaggart, who is known for her ability to synthesize the complex ideas emerging from the border of science and spirituality. In her book, The Bond, McTaggart outlines a future in which a new paradigm for living in intimate partnership and connection starts with the understanding–which she calls “shocking in the breadth of its implications”–that nothing in the world is separate. McTaggart will weave her version of the new narrative, rich with the latest scientific realizations, in a way that your life will never be the same.

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