25 Ways to Reuse Junk Mail

Holy moly, is the junk mail in your mailbox in overdrive right now? During the holiday months, it feels like my postman delivers tons of holiday catalogs and offers – more than during any other time of year. If you’re watching the junk mail stack up, try some of these junk mail crafts!

Of course, the best way to reduce the impact from all of that junk mail is to stop getting it in the first place. There are a few ways that you can curb the junk mail:

  • Contact the catalog directly - there should be a number or website somewhere on the catalog, and you may be able to opt out by contacting the company
  • Catalog Choice – this company offers free and paid services to help you stop the flow of junk mail
  • Stop the Red Plum Catalog – for some reason, it’s extra tough to opt out of those annoying offers from Red Plum. David Quilty at The Good Human tells you how to opt out of the Red Plum mailing list.
  • Stop Credit Card Offers – credit card offers come in like crazy this time of year, and you can opt out of all pre-screened credit card offers here.
  • Direct Marketers Association – Tell the DMA to stop sending you junk mail!

The trouble is, even if you opt out now, it can take anywhere from weeks to months for them to “process” your request. That seems like a terribly long time to keep flooding your mailbox with unwanted offers, so until your requests get…processed…don’t get mad, get crafty! Check out our list of 25 ways to reuse junk mail on the next page!


25 Junk Mail Crafts

Grab that pile of junk mail, and let’s get crafty!

1. Junk Mail Notebook – turn security envelopes into a mini notebook.

2. Junk Mail Paper Beads – what a fun way to get the kids in on repurposing junk mail!

3. Make Stationery – old junk mail makes beautiful new stationery for your holiday letters

4. Paper Crane Tree – fold some paper cranes and turn that old junk mail into an upcycled decor piece.

5. Accordion Book – accordion books are super fun, and junk mail envelopes are great for making a sweet, miniature version.

6. Paper Starburst – turn catalog pages into mod wall art.

7. Make Garland – grab some paint and transform your junkmail into a garland. Holiday party decoration, anyone?

8. Bookmarks – got a reader on your holiday list? These sweet corner-page junk mail bookmarks make great stocking stuffers!

9. Snowflakes – cut colorful catalog pages into junk mail snowflakes to decorate for the holidays.

10. Flying Paper Crane Ornament – Junk mail is great for folding origami, and these ornaments will bring a little luck to your holiday season.

11. Junk Mail Wreath – more junk mail holiday decor! Make a cute accordion-style wreath.

12. Washi Tape – Japanese paper tape is super hot in the craft world right now. Here’s how you can use junk mail to make your own.

Up next: 13 more ways to reuse junk mail!


13. Junk Mail Wall Art – grab a few simple craft supplies and turn junk mail into vibrant wall art!

14. Desktop Mobile – use those origami skills and fold some junk mail cranes to make this cute desktop mobile.

15. Party Hats – turn junk mail into festive party hats.

16. Paper Bowl – catalog pages and glue come together into a cheery paper bowl.

17. Paper Chain – what can I say – I love a garland! This junk mail paper chain is so simple and sweet!

18. Business Cards – if you’ve got sewing skills, grab some scrap fabric and junk mail and stitch up some DIY business cards.

19. More Wall Art – loving these organic-shaped collage pieces!

20. Make a Dollhouse – turn reclaimed cardboard and some junk mail into a functional dollhouse.

21. Gift Bows – adorn your holiday gifts with a little junk mail.

22. Ornament – turn old junk mail into a flying paper crane for your Christmas tree.

23. Mini Christmas Tree – speaking of Christmas trees, grab the glitter and junk mail and make a tiny tree for your mantle. The best part? You don’t have to remember to water it!

24. Cover a Box – update an ugly old box from the thrift store with junk mail paper “reeds.”

25. Coasters – this Flickr set gives a pictorial on how to make woven coasters from your junk mail stash

What about you guys? What are your favorite ways to reuse junk mail?

Image Credit: Photo by Heather Mann

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Go to catalogchoice.com. Buy their envelopes and send them the back pages of catalogs you don't want to receive. They do the rest.

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