25 Crafty Ways to Reuse Junk Mail

Despite your best efforts, do you feel like you just can’t stop the steady stream of junk mail in your mailbox? Whether it’s catalogs you never asked for, credit card offers you didn’t apply for or any other mass mailing that hits your mailbox, all of that junk mail adds up fast.

The average American gets 41 pounds of junk mail every single year. When you add up all of the mailboxes overflowing with unwanted paper, that’s around four million tons of paper wasted every single year. Of course, before you pull out the craft supplies, the best way to address your junk mail problem is to opt out wherever you can. Here are some ways to do that.

How to Stop Junk Mail

I wish there were a silver bullet for stopping junk mail, but unfortunately it takes plain old work to reduce the junk mail you receive each year. Here are a few options that can help:

  • Catalog Choice – offers both free and paid services to stop catalogs
  • 41 Pounds – this is a paid service that helps stop unwanted catalogs
  • Reach out to individual catalogs. Mailers like Red Plum, for example, make it harder to opt out. Check the catalog or piece of mail for a website or contact number, and let the company know you want off of their list.
  • Opt Out Prescreen – you can stop pre-screened credit card offers for 5 years or permanently. The permanent option does require that you send something in via mail. You can do the 5 year option online.

That’s great for reducing future junk mail, but what about those catalogs and offers that are in your mailbox right now? With those, you can get crafty!

junk mail notebook

25 Ways to Craft with Junk Mail

So, you’ve done your best to cut out the junk mail, but you’ve still got a collection slowly growing that you can’t bear to toss? Never fear! Here are some great crafty ways to reuse everything from glossy catalogs to the security envelopes that come with your bills.

1. Make a notebook out of old security envelopes.

2. Turn junk mail into stationery.

3. Create junk mail snowflakes.

4. Cut glossy junk mail pages into squares, and use them as origami paper.

junk mail paper beads

5. Roll up junk mail into sweet paper beads.

6. Use paper cut techniques to make junk mail art.

7. Fold up a junk mail wreath.

8. Weave yourself a set of junk mail coasters.

9. Loop together a junk mail flower garland.

10. Whip up a junk mail trash bin made from junk mail.

11. Wrap your next gift in a junk mail gift bow.

12. Make a retro junk mail clock.

13. Use security envelopes to make business card holders.

14. Create a junk mail collage.

15. Adorn brown paper grocery bags with junk mail cutouts to make your own upcycled gift wrap.


DIY washi tape

16. Use strips of junk mail to create decorative tape.

17. Try this different spin on junk mail art.

18.  Put together some junk mail gift bags.

19. Use your junk mail to stick it to big banks.

junk mail label

20. Make custom labels for your homemade beauty supplies.

21. Turn junk mail into looped gift bows.

22. Turn security envelopes inside out and use them again.

23. Make a magazine box out of old catalogs.

24. Construct a sassy new side table from catalogs.

25. Use old catalog pages to make a bowl for storing knick knacks.

I bet this is just the tip of the junk mail iceberg. What are some ways that you get crafty with your junk mail?

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{Image credits: Notepad (previous page), Washi Tape, and Meditation Label photos by Becky Striepe. Creative Commons Paper beads photo (previous page) by Bernie Jersey}


Cade D.
Cade D.1 years ago

Great read Becky, always looking for extra ways to be more efficient around the office. I just wanted to share something I've been doing recently. I run an office and have noticed that unused toner was piling up in storage. Looked into returning but that was no good. Tried out the site http://www.tonerconnect.net/ and was impressed. They had quick service and that payout was nice.

Olga Nycz-Shirley

Noted. Thanks.

Richard A
Richard A2 years ago

Thank you for these helpful junk mail tips.

Kathy R.
Kathy R.4 years ago

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Bea W.
Bea Wilson4 years ago

I am so happy these things are from recyclable items. Of course I want to get on board the recycle train and keep some items out of our landfills that may be harmful to our earth. Thanks to all the creative people in this world.

Laurel B.
Laurel B4 years ago

I wanna some of these ideas, thank you!

Rosemary Mckinstry

More craft ideas I love after all we do get a lot of junk mail.

Holly Lewis
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you! I love the idea of making a small notepad out of billing envelopes and will definitely try this idea. :)

Val M.
Val M5 years ago


Jane R.
Jane R5 years ago

I do something similar to Howard C. I either send them back some of their own junk mail (minus anything with my name or address on it) or I send them some I got from someone else. This also helps support the post office.