Kale: My Signature Dish

I was once preparing kale for a fundraising event in my home — a large pot of kale for about 25 people. A friend who is a chef and cookbook writer walked into my kitchen and asked me what I was preparing. I invited him to taste the kale. He tasted it and really liked it. He asked, “Is this your signature dish?” Without hesitating, I said “Yes!”

Since that day, kale has become my signature dish. Below is my secret, easy, tasty recipe.

Kale is unbelievably nutritious and has become my favorite food, in addition to being my signature dish. When my friends come over and I make kale, they can’t believe how good it is.

Kale is a superfood, packed with beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C and rich in minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium and potassium. It is a good source of protein, vitamin E, and is low in saturated fated and cholesterol. And, it is delicious.

Here is one great and easy way to cook it.

The recipe:

  • Kale – about eight leaves per person
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Nutritional yeast

I must confess — I never measure when I cook. I cook to taste. It’s hard to go wrong with kale and these ingredients.

For one serving use about eight leaves. Rinse in cold water and then strip the leaves from the stems. (Put the stems in your compost, or if you must, discard.) Before you do this, put about one-half inch of water in a pot, place a vegetable steamer in the pot, cover and bring the water to a boil.

Once the water is boiling, put the kale leaves in and steam for about 5 minutes.

While the kale is steaming, chop a clove of garlic (or more for larger quantities of kale).

When cooked, put the kale in a colander to drain the water; then place the steamed kale back into the pot. Add a little olive oil (about a teaspoon), some salt to taste, the chopped garlic, and some nutritional yeast flakes (about a tablespoon). (Nutritional yeast is available in the bulk sections of most health food stores. It’s nutritious and tastes great. I use it for vegetables and soups.) Stir the kale, garlic, salt, olive oil and nutritional yeast. Serve hot. Yum!

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W. C
W. C11 months ago


Anteater Ants
Anteater Ants3 years ago

Ants: my signature dish!

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

katarzyna phillips

i've not considered eating it by itself, just as a veg accompaniment to the main meal!

Faye Swan
Faye Swan5 years ago

Love doing a stir fry with red, yellow and orange peppers, red onions, leek and mushrooms with lots of finely chopped kale and pesto! Yummy and gorgeous colours.

Sonny Cook
Liz C5 years ago

A favorite of mine since visiting Virginia 33 year ago, I grow Kale and buy it when the growing season here gets too hot for it. We always have some on hand for ourselves and our two lady tortoises and are always looking for new recipes. These here today sound great so will be trying. Thank you so much for sharing them. Kale is truly a super food and it doesn't take much to get the benefits so it's affordable for everyone. Grows like a weed too where conditions are right.

Carol Ann O.
Carol Ann O5 years ago

Like the way it looks in planters, now I`ll try eating it

Marianne O.

Can I give you a traditional Dutch kale recipe? Peel 2 lbs of potatoes, cut in pieces. Then bring to a boil, add 1 lbs of kale finely cut. Let cook for about 8 minutes. In the meantime cut up some bacon and fry them on a hot fire till golden brown. Dish the water from the potatoes and kale and mash the whole shebang together and add the bacon bits, stirr in the bacon bits and serve wirh some jus and sausages.

Greetings from Holland :)

Chiensheng Tsai
Chien-sheng T5 years ago

I am Chinese, and I stir-fry my veggies. Has anyone stir-fried kale? I've only had kale in salads. Hmm, will try to stir-fry and see how it comes out. Kale is supposed to be good for bone health.

Gabriella Bertelmann
G Bertelmann5 years ago

Thank you, just as I decided to eat more kale it shows up everywhere. Isn't life amazing?