The Key to Healing Your Home

I think that as a society we are starved for the true, pure elements earth, water, fire, and air. The real elements bring us healing, abundance, and vibrant energy. Awareness of the positive impact of the real elements is increasing, and now decorators and retailers are selling candles, aromatherapy essential oils, rose quartz and feng shui. But many of the attempts at connecting to the elements are falling short of providing what is wanted because synthetic substitutes are used for the real thing, such as petroleum-based fragrance for aromatherapy with no therapeutic benefit instead of a healing, pure essential oil, for example.

I have learned to avoid having the synthetic elements in my life because they make me sick. I believe they drag almost everyone down, not just those who are very sensitive like me. When the elements are true, it is most likely that the environment is in harmony and balance.

Here are few examples of everyday household products made of the pure elements that are healing, compared to their synthetic and depleting counterpart:

Natural Fibers Compared with Synthetic
The pure elements in natural fiber clothing make us feel better and more comfortable. Synthetic clothing becomes a hindrance and a burden.
For example natural fibers wick moisture from our bodies, allow our bodies to breathe through our clothing, and keep us dry while most synthetic encase you in the equivalent of a plastic bag. Natural fiber moderates our body temperature, and synthetics are not versatile in swings of temperature.

Natural Beeswax Candles Compared with Petroleum-Based
Natural beeswax candles are the only natural air cleaner as they exude negative ions, that healthy and uplifting energy you feel at the ocean shore or on top of a mountain. They also donít give off toxic, petroleum-based indoor air pollution such as happens with candles made of paraffin, a non-renewable petroleum-based material.

Natural Fiber Shower Curtain Instead of Plastic
Natural fibers such as linen and cotton absorb moisture and have natural anti-bacterial properties. Natural fiber can be suststainably grown and harvested. PVC-based shower curtains contain plasticizers that can negatively affect reproductive health and contribute to cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

Look at all the products in your home and gradually return to nature and the pure elements. Every time you do this you will return to a home of greater balance and harmony.

By Annie B. Bond


.7 years ago