Killer of ’100 Tigers’ Caught

Fauna and Flora International, an international wildlife conservation organization, has reported the arrest of two Sumatran poachers. One of them, a fifty-seven year old man, said he has killed 100 wild Sumatran tigers over the last thirty years.

The population of Sumatran tigers in the wild is estimated to be only three hundred to five hundred. Fauna and Floranoted the importance of these remaining animals: “As a critically endangered species loss of even one of these animals can impact on the survival of the species.” The Sumatran tiger is the only subspecies left in the Indonesian islands. The last Bali tiger is believed to have been shot in 1937. The last Javan was probably killed in 1984.

Left unchecked, one man’s damage could have played a critical role in wiping out a whole species. His destructiveness wasn’t limted to his own actions though. He also involved his son in the illegal practice of wild tiger poaching. Both of them were caught in the recent arrest. Hopefully the penalties they incur will stop them from ever killing tigers again. It was not reported if there are grandsons of the fifty-seven year old, but if there are I sincerely hope they were not taught the same illegal activities.

Tiger habitat in Sumatra is being lost to agriculture, as more forest is being converted to palm oil production. Gunung Leuser National Park is where the largest population of 110 lives, but much tiger habitat there isstill unprotected. Its hard to say even with potentially five hundred tigers left in the wild if that is enough genetic diversity to sustain a wild population. Inbreeding could eventually weaken the species to the point where it is very vulnerable to disease.

Some zoos are currently involved in the efforts to save the species from extinction. The Melbourne Zoo just reported May 13th, they have four healthy new Sumatran tiger cubs. (If you visit their page, watch the video too.) Another hopeful event was the capturing of extremely rare footage of Sumatrans in the wild this year.

Visit the Sumatran Tiger Trust website to find out what you can do help.

Image Credit: Brimac the 2nd


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago


William C
William Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

Jacqueline Lavanchy

So it should be an eye for an eye ? I don't think it would be wise, and that would make us again killers. I think that if we can make this guy understand that animals do enjoy life and suffer like us maybe he can change and become a change maker as well, but understand me, behind the walls of a prison, because he is too dangerous to be left out ! All those people who do harm to life should be put to jobs like finding and destroying traps in the forest-accompanied of course- and becoming guardians of the forest. They have to repair the harm done as much as possible ! That's maybe the only way they can understand.

Joan Mcallister
6 years ago

Do these people have no consciences, I agee he should be put out there unarmed and let the Tigers hunt and kill him, seems fair to me

Cecilie D.
Nora D6 years ago

We definitely agree with those who call for the shooting or capital punishment of convicted poachers. What is more valuable to the Life Form Earth...a wild animal, or a poacher? No brainer. Imagine 2012 and people still holding destructive belief systems that support mumbo jumbo about ingesting wild animal parts to fix certain human conditions. Belief systems...the scourge of the planet.

paula eaton
paula eaton6 years ago

One greedy cruel poacher down and how many more out there. They need to go after the people that buy the tiger products too. This needs to stop.

Sue Griffiths
SUE Griffiths6 years ago

What is needed is for rangers to have a good pair of binoculars, a rifle with sights and night vision. Then when poachers are up to their dirty work, Just shoot them between the eyes no questions asked. Just make sure these bastards fall before they can kill the beautiful wildlife who are much more precious than the scum who are hunting them.

Paula R.
Paula R.6 years ago

This is awful it needs to be stopped. Our Grand and great Grandchildren will never get to see these wonderful animals in their wildlife and be able to learn about these beautiful animals. It is awful that so manyof our wildlife is gone forever because of man's stupidity. I wish we could do more to stop this before it is to late.

carol k.
carol k6 years ago

give all his possessions and wealth to the poor!

carol k.
carol k6 years ago

he should be tied in his wire traps and left to the wild life.