Kindness Revolution Day 15: Barbecue for the Roofers

My husband Curtis and I bought a new home last fall. Well, it’s not exactly new–just new to us. While it has gorgeous views of the Coast Mountains and Pacific Ocean, the house was entirely stuck in the 1980s. We knew we had our work cut out for us. So, we’ve been in the midst of a serious renovation project for months. And, finally, the typical rainfall of winter and spring in this coastal area slowed. It was time for a new roof.

Today, the roofers braved slippery moss-covered cedar shakes and hot sunshine to finish installing our new roof. We decided it was a great opportunity to show our thanks for all their hard work. We fired up the barbecue and I made some homemade iced tea. When they were ready for their lunch break we surprised them with some fresh, homemade fare on the picnic table. They were thrilled and so were we to see the way our home had transformed. (I’ll be sharing some of my best ways to make your next barbecue healthier in an upcoming post).

If you’re just joining us for the Kindness Revolution, I’m doing my part (well, at least trying) to spread kindness in the world by giving 29 gifts in 29 days, inspired by the book 29 Gifts. And, I’m asking you to join me. If you’re just tuning in, check out the first blog in this series.

And, don’t forget to add your comments to my blog over the next few weeks because, with the help of the kind people at, I’ll be giving away more free copies of my books next Saturday! Winners will be selected from the comments!

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Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

Anyone else find that, the kinder you try to be, the kinder other people seem to become (for the most part)?

April Theberge
April Theberge7 years ago

This is a good idea even if they are not your roofers but a neighbors! My new phrase of the month is pay it forward, in any way shape or form. I got this from a local radio station as they mention this often in contests where you have to name the movie the movie lines they give you come from. You have to get all 4 to win the prize however if you know just one or two but not the others they ask that you pay it forward by helping another caller who might have the ones that you don't have.

I love this idea and have tried to adapt it into my everyday life.

Val Leishman
Val Leishman7 years ago

I love to give my nanny little treats frim work like cookies..

Roxana C.
Roxana Cortijo7 years ago

It's curious but just yesterday we gave a pizza and a pie to Rosa (the woman that helps me with the house chores) for her to share with her husband and son. It was just a simple gesture from us but she was thrilled by it.

Leisha A.
Leisha A7 years ago

I love the Barbecue idea. I can only imagine how amazed they were by your act of thoughtfulness.

Claudia Graitz
Claudia Graitz7 years ago

Thank you for inspiring me. I've started my kindness journey and am amazed about the reactions I am recieving :-)

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago


Loretta R.
Loretta R7 years ago

These ideas of kindness are getting better and better and better--it just inspires me to get even more creative in my own acts of kindness. This is such a great source of joy, both for me and for the person or persons who receive my gift. On our recent trip to Washington, D.C., it seemed that people were actually outdoing each other in offering genuine little gifts of kindness--what an amazing experience, truly a blessing.

Heather B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Very thoughtful. Thanks, Michelle.

Jane L7 years ago