Kindness Revolution Day 23: Donate Blankets to Animal Shelters

When I lived in Ottawa, Canada, I saw an impressive act of kindness on Parliament Hill.† Someone had built a large complex of† “cat townhouses” that was set up on the park-like grounds where the Canadian Government offices reside.† It was built to help stray cats find shelter from the cold temperatures and winds during winter in the city.† Whenever I’d walk down to Parliament Hill, I’d love checking out the cat townhomes.† Many people added blankets and food to help the animals stay warm and fed.

Inspired by the kindness and generosity of the people who were helping the stray cats, I decided to go through my cupboards and find all those blankets and towels that are getting a bit worn and donate them to an animal shelter.† It takes only minutes to do, costs nothing, but helps all those abandoned or abused animals have a nice spot to sleep.† I’m hoping you’ll join me today in giving to an animal shelter in your community.

If youíre just joining us for the Kindness Revolution, Iím trying to spread kindness in the world by giving 29 gifts in 29 days, inspired by the book 29 Gifts.† And, Iím asking you to join me.† If youíre just tuning in, check out the first blog in this series.† And, don’t forget that it’s never too late to join the Kindness Revolution.† Start today!

And, donít forget to add your comments to my blog because, with the help of the kind people at, Iíll be giving away more free copies of my books† next Saturday!† Winners will be selected from the comments!

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Samantha Hodder
Samantha Hodder5 years ago

Excellent. I work with a cat rescue organization, and we always need lots of blankets and towels!

Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

Yes, I've done this before. It's nice having someone pleased to use old towels and blankets rather than turning their noses up at them!

Debrahanna Esposito

I want to do this with dog beds, you can get nice ones in CVS for 14.99 and you can also get really big ones at cost co's for 18!!

rene davis
irene davis7 years ago

thanks for posting this story.

Stephanie I.

Thanks for the info.

Marian D.
Marian D7 years ago

I do all I can for the animals

Ravyn R.
Past Member 7 years ago

Please visit this link and consider signing my petition to help save the lives of countless shelter animals. They appreciate even if you just take a look.

Jane Lynch
Jane L7 years ago

I have been feeding the strays everyday outside. I bought dry and canned food even though the cats will not let me get close to them.

Cath Bono
Kate A7 years ago

I will definitly donate blankets when I do my spring cleaning

Allegra W.
Past Member 7 years ago

A great idea. Thank you. I shall donate some towels and blankets to the shelter from which I've adopted my cats over the years. I'm glad to know that they are needed.