Kindness Revolution Day 7: Advice From an African Medicine Woman

In my quest to give 29 gifts in 29 days, my gift today is to share the wise, healing words of a lovely African Medicine Woman whose path I was blessed to cross.  Mbali Creazzo is the woman who inspired the book 29 Gifts and this Kindness Revolution article series.  She instructed a young woman suffering from multiple sclerosis to give 29 gifts in 29 days, hence the book’s title.

Born in South Africa, Mbali’s healing path spanned three continents before she settled in the United States where she shares the medicine of the West African Dagara people.  A self-described “bridge” between us and our ancestors, she encourages us to take action through ritual and creative art to mobilize our energies for healing.

She was inspired through her work to advise Cami Walker to give 29 gifts in 29 days as part of the woman’s healing of MS.  Mbali says that illness and crisis can leave us “in a place of self pity and self absorption.”  We think that no one else feels our pain.  We feel isolated, lonely, and fearful.  By turning our attention outward instead of reflecting on our problems, we transform the energy of illness or suffering and turn it into healing energy.

The Dagara traditions include five elements:  fire, water, earth, mineral, and nature, or what she refers to as “our creative cosmology.”  By incorporating these elements into our lives, she shares, we realize that we are not separate from them.  In this tradition, Mbali indicates that ours is a fire culture, evident in the wars, fighting, and violence we are experiencing on the planet.  This year, she continues, is an earth year in the Dagara tradition. The earth is sending us huge messages in the form of the three earthquakes and the oil spill resulting from drilling the earth to awaken an urgent neccessity for earth healing.

I asked Mbali what readers could do for personal and planetary healing and she shared the following ritual:

“Fill a bowl with water.  Fill it with healing and positive intentions.  Speak prayers into the water.  Ask for the healing of the earth, water, and peace for yourself and others. For flow, reconciliation, and forgiveness.  Then pour the water into a plant in your garden or a potted plant if you don’t have a garden.  Perform this ritual daily and be open to the alchemy of it.”

If you aren’t familiar with the scientifically-proven effects of intention on water, I encourage you to check out the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his book, Hidden Messages in Water.

So, my gift to you today is to share what Mbali shared with me and I’m heading to my kitchen to get a bowl to perform this beautiful ceremony.  It’s a simple gift to planet earth for all the gifts she imparts.

To continue the spirit of giving, make sure you add your comments to my blog over the next four weeks because, with the help of the kind people at, I’ll giving away free copies of my books!  Winners will be selected from the comments!

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Interesting. Thanks for posting.

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I read an article a while ago about an artist from south America somewhere. He said that, every time you have a drink of water, you can say a prayer. I think of this often, and it does indeed make me feel grateful for having enough water to drink.

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I am going to get my bowl of water and give thanks that most all of us in the States, at least, have good drinking water available to us each day!

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Nice article. Thanks.