Can Your Kitty Eat Like This? (3 cute videos)

How Does Your Cat Eat? Out of a bowl like other pets? Thatís so boring. These 3 videos show clever, imaginative cats (and their owners). First up, chopsticks. Next, dumplings. And finally, the cutest of all, using a fork and spoon. Make sure to watch all three.

Kitten Eats from Chopsticks

This hungry kitten stands on its hind legs, relishing the food that is being served to it with chopsticks.

This gives him a taste for dumplings. See what’s next on page 2.

ďChopsticks are fine, now I want DumplingsĒ

Looks like one thing leads to another. The catís owner made a mistake feeding him with chopsticks. Now he wonít settle for anything less than fried Chinese dumplings.

What’s next for a finicky feline. Go to page 3 and see him eating at the table with a fork and spoon.

Photo credit: Dawn Endico

Whatís the Answer? A fork and spoon

Chopsticks are OK but the sushi does get a little expensive. This lady wants her cat to sit at the table with her and eat politely. So she teaches him to eat with a fork and a spoon.

Now thatís what I call good manners.

Photo credit: xiffy


Charmaine Gonzalez
Marie Gonzalez5 years ago

My cats ate from the spoon when they looked like widdle tigers. *kittyhug1*

Jutta N.
Past Member 6 years ago

Can't play first video
Third cat can't use fork but he made it with spoon :D

aj M.
aj E6 years ago


Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

I missed it! :0( It sounded adorable.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T6 years ago

It's so uncatlike...

Alysia S.
Alysia S6 years ago


Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

Poor Tess.

Yvonne S.
Yvonne S6 years ago

I enjoyed watching the videos but the last one, where the cat was eating with a fork, made me feel very uneasy and I would have rather seen it eating the food out of the dish like a normal could would do.

Elaine Dixon
Elaine Dixon7 years ago

that cat look like gizmo on the gremlins...

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C7 years ago

The cat with the fork is ridiculous. Let the poor cat eat properly like a normal cat.