Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders: Why Cheating Happens

The Internet has been abuzz with news that Kristen Stewart, of Twilight fame, cheated on her heartthrob boyfriend Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, her (married-with-kids) director from Snow White and the Huntsman. While this isn’t the type of thing we usually report on at Care2, we can’t deny the human fascination with cheating and infidelity.

To learn more about why cheating happens and how to prevent it, check out these stories:

  • A study published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour found specific personality factors and relationship issues that can be associated with cheating, for both men and women. Plus, 10 tips for keeping your partner faithful: Predictors Of A Cheating Partner
  • A team of researchers compared choices in sexual behavior with genes and found an interesting association: Is Sexual Infidelity Genetic?
  • Find out the two main reasons why infidelity happens, and rethink what infidelity might mean to your relationship: Reflections on Infidelity
  • Learn important lessons on how to transition from starry-eyed new love into a committed, honest relationship: 5 Tips to Infidelity-Proof Your Relationship
  • According to one study, almost one quarter of people have cheated on their S.O.óbut there may be a simple remedy: Can Talking Prevent Cheating?
  • And, finally, a whole different perspective on the topic. Do we have to stick to monogamy? Why not try being “monogamish”?: Marriage Beyond Monogamy

Bottom line: cheating happens. Fortunately, most of us don’t have to be scrutinized by the media and the public when such things happen to us. In the meantime, we hope these articles offer some insight.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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Sue Matheson5 years ago


Michael Wecke
Michael Wecke5 years ago

The topic of interest - the women less so and the Director's wife should dump him...brains and morals below the waistline?

Ana R
ANA MARIJA R5 years ago

Jude H. i agree...

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

I have never been tempted to cheat. when I'm with someone, I am WITH them. I have been the victim of cheating 3 times, once with an ex (abusive) boyfriend, once with a less serious boyfriend, and my ex husband, who moved in with his girlfriend as soon as I left. It's very painful, and brought up a lot of feelings of rejection and confusion. Now I am in a much healthier, happier relationship with a man I trust. Sadly, though, the worry will always be in the back of my mind. The good news? I am comfortable with me, and finally realize that if someone cheats on you THEY are the problem. Not you. If it's a real issue with you, they can be adults and discuss it or break up with you. Sneaking around is careless, immature, and hurtful.

Rosette Reyes
Rosette Reyes5 years ago

i just hope that kristen and robert will work out their indifferences after the cheating controversy. thanks for the interesting article..

Adelaide Brooks
Adelaide B5 years ago

I really hate these so call experts who think they have a fireproof way to prevent infidelity. Regardless of needs not being met or desires wanting to be explored, cheating comes down to this: selfishness. It doesn't matter how you painted, the cheater is doing something for his/her own benefit knowing full well that it will affect their marriage and break their SO's heart. In the end a cheater is going to cheat. It is preventable, but only by that person and that person alone.