Real Kung Fu Bear!

A rare Russian white claw bear practices moves with a stick, reminiscent of those in “Kung Fu Panda” and is fast becoming an Internet sensation.

Kung Fu Bear Takes Over the Internet

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Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago

Sad. This bear needs rescuing!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago


ii q.
g d c5 years ago


Kiana S.
Kiana S5 years ago

I don't know anything about bear behavior, for all I know he's having a great time...but I do hope he has a larger enclosure than what we can see in the video.

Isabelle J.
Isabelle J5 years ago

Poor bear, thi is sad!

Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago


Suzanne Osborne
Suzanne Osborne5 years ago

Awful conditions for this poor animal.

Lisa A.
Lisa Ayad5 years ago

how sad. I really hope that a caring animal rescuer will be able to help this lovely bear to lead a proper "bear life".

Frances B.
Frances B.5 years ago

Repetitive behaviour like this is indicative of one very stressed and unhappy bear. We're lucky he's not self-mutilating - yet. I'm afraid it looks like that little cage is all he has, with his sleeping quarters behind... inexcusable for any animal but particularly for a rare and therefore, presumably, endangered species that should have not only as natural and large an enclosure as possible, but the choice to have company of his own species. I can only hope that by someone posting this on Youtube thinking it's cute, enough public outcry will ensue to make sure that something can be done for the poor thing to improve his quality of life

Fred L.
Fred L5 years ago

WTF? That poor bear is exhibiting stereotypic behavior, probably due to lack of stimuli.

I hope the video shows only a holding or sleeping quarters, and that he has a large, much more naturalistic exhibit where he spends most of his time.

If that little cage is all that bear has, he needs to be rescued. And to those who think this video is cute, move on to the 21st century.