Laptops and Metaphors

Iím blessed to have a MacBook Pro thatís been my faithful laptop for about three years now. It has a 500-gigabyte hard drive, but now is loaded up with all sorts of stuff so thereís only 77.9 gigabits of space leftóand Iím concerned about that. Iíve relegated most of my musical recordings and a lot of my photographs to a couple of external hard drives, so those are tucked away and safe now.

Only problem is that when I see that I only have that much space left, sometimes I feel like thereís a Chicken Little running around inside my brain repeating the phrase, ďThereís no more space! Thereís no more space!Ē all the while realizing that Iím being quite irrational in my thinking, yet quietly feeling the internal distress and slight panic that can be a consequence of this kind of thinking.

I think thereís a metaphor in here somewhere. Maybe because Iím getting older it subconsciously becomes a statement about how many more years I have before I have toówell, go on a long, long vacation, one where I donít take any baggage at all, not even my body.

Maybe itís one branch of the culturally sanctioned obsession that I have with things technological, and this laptop has become the heart of the operation. After all, Iíve written books, articles, and found anything I might be interested in via the Internet. Perhaps thereís some fear that as the space on my hard drive dissipates, Iíll be left without any means of doing these things.

Then thereís the phenomenon of Facebook, which has pilfered and diluted the meaning of ďfriend.Ē FB lets me know when Eldon has brushed his teeth, provided daily updates on Judithís pregnancy, and what Thomas had for lunch, plus many other things I wouldnít necessarily want to know about friends that exist mainly in a virtual reality community.
My relationship with my friends cannot possibly be encapsulated in this kind of format but is best nurtured through regular contact via phone, email, or when the opportunity presents itself, face to face. Yet maybe Iím lying to myself and Iíve grown accustomed to both the mundane announcements and the occasional gems I find posted on my wall and donít want to see that disappear. Hmm. Interesting that itís called a wall, which can be taken a couple different ways.

Maybe itís a metaphor for my connection to the world, with the ability to know whatís going on anywhere on the planet via the various newscasts that portray all of the scary things that are going on in the world. What if I didnít know about all these calamities that are taking place? Would I lose touch completely and go into some forbidden zone of isolation? All because I ran out of space on my hard drive?

The external hard drives I use to store the overflow are perhaps a way of saying that itís best to clear out my life from time to time. Store my stories in memory, but donít let them crowd out the more current moment, where the heart of the matter is, aka my laptop.

And maybe there are no metaphors in this but just something to ponder and write a blog on. No matter, Iím going to play my guitar, have a glass of wine, and write some more.


Michael C.
Michael C5 years ago

Prentise, Sorry that I did not make the point in a clearer manner.

AVG is an antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows, to date, Mac users do not need to utilize such third party software.

Windows operating systems have many inherent faults and flaws, with regard to virus and spyware protection. Much of this may well be explained by the fact that Windows was until recent, the dominant force in the market by sheer volume of sales, thus it became a bigger, more attractive a target from hackers and such.
That is changing, Apple is gaining a greater market share, due to its many valuable attributes, such as Garage Band, no requirement for defrag, but especially the ease of usage. Truly the value added list is quite long, it just heightens your computing experience.

Don't misunderstand, I too, once used Windows, then by the grace of god, and his Devine hand, I realized an intervention, and I crossed over from the Dark Side.

No more endless sessions, in cleaning up my computers, no more annual visits to my now former I.T. guy. No more wasted dollars.

For those of you that are on the go, the Mac Air is an excellent choice.

Thanks for asking.

Angel Campbell
Angel Campbell5 years ago


devon leonard
Devon Leonard5 years ago

Fun to read...! thank you...

Prentise Wylie
pre,tpse w5 years ago

What's the difference between AVG and Windows, Michael C?

ay m.
g d c5 years ago


Hanna Sjoberg

Thank you Dr. Steven, for sharing!

Sue H.
Sue H5 years ago

Good article, thanks.

Michael C.
Michael C5 years ago

I have 4 Mac's, and use mirroring, so that I have 2 big screens on any one time. This goes to speeding up my work. I have one an ol' iMac that I use just when I am working on my new book, Aquaponics and then, I have my "on the go," laptop.

Sometime back, one of my Mac Book Pro's was approaching the end of its first year, yes, we talk let that, it seems that for a Mac user, we tend to treat them like family. Since I had just moved to America, having lived in Mexico for years, I made an appointment with the Tucson Apple store. I had no pressing issues, just yearly exam. The guy who were looking over my Mac said, "How long have you had this." I explained one year. He said, "no way." Its new, he went to say that I had used only 33 GB, out of 500 GB. Just Apps, folks, nothing but the Apps.

There in lies the key and is why I have decided to write this post. I have a Seagate 500 GB, several Le Cie 500 GB Hard Drives, all my work goes on these external devices. They are partitioned for both Mac and Windows. Gosh, they are portable, removable, easy to store in my safe when I am away.

Today, one can acquire an even larger memory, but few need it. SeaGate now has a 4 TB, yes, that is Terra and it is Time Machine ready.

Why? Imagine the sudden lost of a laptop, no matter how much you have used Time Machine, if its gone, well...its gone.

Richard l, Using AVG, it sounds as if you are still using Windows, please come over from the darkside, you will experience a joy that y

Nicole Weber
Nicole W5 years ago


Richard Lares
Richard Lares5 years ago

Compress files, and defrag or a start. How often do you watch each movie you have on it? Songs, Clean it up. See if you have a virus Avast or AVG is free for home use. Mountain Lion Cost $19.99 for the software. How much did you pay again? Not going into it just don't get taken to the bank. A computer is a computer, laptop is a laptop. What OS you put on it is up to you and yes anyone can do it.