Lawn Care Equipment

Each year aging gasoline powered lawn mowers and lawn care equipment spew
thousands of tons of polluting chemicals and particles into the air.
These pollutants create urban smog which can lead to chronic illnesses such
as eye irritation, asthma, and headaches.

  • Green Seal reviewed 12 manufacturers on the following aspects of their
    products: power supply, engine efficiency, cut size, emission reduction
    methods, product features and overall costs.

  • In this Choose Green Report the equipment is divided into gasoline powered
    equipment and electric equipment. Within each section there is a variety of
    some of the following: riding mowers, walk behind mowers, grass trimmers and
    brush cutters.

  • Overall, electric equipment receives the Green Seal Green Buy award based
    on our criteria and although battery powered equipment may not fit every
    need, it is an excellent choice when possible.
  • The average gasoline mower tested by the EPA emits in 1 hour of operation
    the same amount of hydrocarbons that a 1992 Ford Explorer emits over 23,600

  • The average gasoline mower emits over 9000 times more hydrocarbons than its
    electric equivalent!

  • If just 20 percent of US homeowners switched to electric mowers 84,000
    fewer tons of carbon monoxide would be emitted into
    the air each year!

  • An electric mower would save the average user 73 percent in
    total energy costs!

To read Green Sealís environmental rating of 52 name brand electric and
gasoline walk behind mowers, grass trimmers, and hedge trimmers,
download the Choose Green Report on Lawn Care Equipment!

Adapted from a Green Seal Choose Green Report, by Green Seal. Copyright (c) by Green Seal. Reprinted by permission of Green Seal.
A Green Seal Choose Green Report, by Green Seal


Kick Gas Lawn Care

Its true! I was sick of hearing and smelling gas powered lawn care equipment. For years, i wondered why there were no lawn care companies that used electric. So one day I quit my job and started one up. I use green works mowers and can get 15,000 square feet mowed with two batteries. Each mower holds two. In the end you can't tell. Was it done by electric or gas? So why use gas in this day and age? Makes no sense...

Sandi C.
Sandi C6 years ago


Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Robert O.
Robert O8 years ago


Patrick Whyte
Patrick Whyte8 years ago

I have a large lawn and have to use petrol lawnmower

Patrick Whyte
Patrick Whyte8 years ago


Eli Is Here
.8 years ago

I didn't know any of this. Thanks Annie!!

gail d.
gail dair8 years ago

thanks for posting

Ambrose Merly
Past Member 9 years ago

thank you. didn't know any of this.

Monica D.
Monica D9 years ago

Thank you for this article! Even better, perhaps,use a manual mower ... or have a no-mow lawn!