Learn 3 New Homesteading Skills

The word “homesteading” has made its way back into modern parlanceóbut a homestead certainly doesn’t have to be 5 acres in the country. Homesteading is more of an attitude than anything else. It’s about making the home a site of meaningful production and about adopting a do-it-yourself attitude. The possibilities are endless, but here are†three fun homesteading activities you can bring into your life.

1. Make and Preserve Your Own Juice

The fruit juices that line grocery store shelves often contain added ingredients and sweeteners. Plus, if you buy juice often, that’s quite a bit of packaging (even if you recycle the packaging, recycling old materials into new still takes energy). Why not start with raw ingredients and make your own delicious juice? You’ll be left with a sense of satisfaction and you’ll know exactly what you’re drinking. Start by checking out the instructions and tips in How to Make Homemade Apple Juice.

2.† Make Soap

With just a few hours and a handful of supplies, you can create unique scents and fun homemade gifts by splashing into the world of soap-making. You’ll save a lot of money by making your own soap, too. If you grow any of your own herbs, perfect! Try some herbal-infused soaps. Read Soothe Your Skin With Handmade Soap to learn how to get started.

3. Create a Beautiful Piece of Furniture

I’ve always loved the look and feel of handcrafted woodwork. Have you ever thought it would neat to make a coffee table for your living room? Or perhaps a bench for your garden? Doing so might be just the winter project you’ve been looking for. Check out Build Your Own Tables and Garden Bench Plan†to learn what tools and materials you’ll need.

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