Learn How You Can Conserve Water

The Santa Clara Water District has a cool program for helping households save water, a few gallons at a time, which ads up to a lot of gallons over time. They’ve dedicated a site, Save20Gallons.org, to this purpose and it has everything from a water calculator, to tips to rebates and other money saving programs. Probably the coolest thing they offer (okay, besides the calculator, tips and rebates) is a free “Water-Wise House Call” where they, “can help you calculate your water use, teach you how to read your water meter, survey your irrigation system, and show you simple ways to save water both inside and outside the home.”

There are so many things we all can do to save a little water here and there, but it’s hard to figure those out on our own and then try to implement them. I think it’s so much easier when someone can come out and point to something and say, “If you just do x, every day, or every week, you’ll save water.” Sometimes it just takes a little direction to get us started.

California’s had a great water year, all our reservoirs are full-to-bursting, and we like it that way. But if you’ve lived here for several years (or your whole life) you know that the years without enough water can be devastating, so let’s keep those reservoirs as full as we can, as long as we can.

- Jocelyn Broyles

Headline image of the San Joaquin River Delta © Great Valley Center on Flikr


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Every drop counts. Just see how many drops you can save! I am saving a few gallons everyday!

Thomas James Wilson

Control flooding and save water and our environment.
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