Leave Your Doubts Behind

Have you ever experienced an “aha” moment — a moment when the impossible suddenly seemed possible? If you have, it probably felt amazing. You probably felt unstoppable and like you had all the momentum in the world.

But when the novelty of that revelation wore off, did your energy level as well? Suddenly, it wasn’t as easy to keep performing at the same level. Excellence, you found, was difficult to sustain over time.

When we finally find it in us to make a change, the exhilaration leaves no room for doubt. We give ourselves no other option but to transform. However, after a while, those new changes stop being new. They become more natural over time and we use less energy to maintain them. We could focus that leftover energy on something productive, but many of us end up using that energy surplus to doubt ourselves. Instead of believing that we can do anything we set our minds to, we begin to remember our past failures. “This didn’t work last time, so why this time?” This seemingly innocent line of questioning can eventually stop our progression and sometimes lead to regression.

Perhaps it’s because many of us try to change our lives thinking that the first part is the hardest part. We erroneously believe that just getting started is the biggest hurdle we’ll face. But the truth of the matter is that transformation is a series of hurdles, each one more difficult than the next. It sounds discouraging, but the good news is that each hurdle we overcome gives us the strength to face the next.

It’s important to keep in mind as you’re changing that your doubts do not have to determine your outcome. Instead of letting your former patterns limit you, challenge each of those thoughts with a new, positive one. Lasting change comes one step at a time, in small increments, and with efforts made on a daily basis. Desperation can only fuel you for so long; you must make the shift into determination. It’s difficult, but you definitely can do it if you keep your eyes on your goals and not on your doubts.


Image Credit: Andreyah Portilla / Flickr


Huber F.
Huber F5 years ago


Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

THANK! Just what I needed to read before I make major changes in my life.

Mary Mattarelli
Mary Mattarelli5 years ago

Thank you for sharing

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Danuta W5 years ago

Great article, thanks for sharing

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Lisa Plunkett5 years ago

Thank you for this. An important life lesson!

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good reminders

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Silas Garrett
Silas Garrett5 years ago

Sometimes you have to renew your focus to attain a desired goal. It can be hard to get started, but it is worth it to get into that habit.

Harsha Vardhana R
Harsha Vardhana5 years ago

Thank you.

True, each person has amazing ideas and skills. But he/she would be really successfully only if there is sustainable self-belief and and belief in co-operation from the universe