Leona Lewis Visits Romanian Bear Sanctuary

The popular British singer, and vegetarian recently traveled to Romania to visit for several days. She learned about the abused grizzly bears that are taken care of there. The World Society for the Prevention of Abuse to Animals says bears are used in Romania as roadside attractions, and are often kept in small cages for years. They created a bear sanctuary to take care of abused and neglected bears.

This message was posted on the Leona’s Twitter page:

“Heading back after my trip to the bear sanctuary! Its sooo amazing, the bears are magnificent. After a life of abuse they r finally happy!”

Leona is not the first singer to visit the bear refuge. Australian pop star Natalie Imbruglia has been there and worked on a documentary project about the bears.

A British woman is doing a 50 mile trek in the Carpathian Mountains to raise funds for the bear sanctuary. Her name is Dawn James and she has a Facebook page. So far she has raised about $3,000-$4,000.

There is actually an opportunity to do a volunteer vacation there and provide some assistance to the staff who manage the bear sanctuary. Some of the work tasks are feeding the bears, repairing fences, working in the bear health unit, and showing visitors the grounds. Housing for the adventure is located in the nearby town of Brasov.

Video Overview of the Bear Sanctuary

Natalie Imbruglia Talks about the Bears

Image Credit: b1ubb


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I have always supported the Bears - Bears In Romania and the Moon Bears. I hope all our members will do the same. This is our world and we can make it safe for animals if only we try.
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