Less is More with Network Spinal Analysis

If you’re looking for a wellness program to improve your quality of life, Network Spinal Analysis (“NSA”) is an intriguing option—if you’re open to a process that takes time.

Where health is concerned, we tend to assume that more is more. Two Motrins will reduce inflammation more than one. Running four miles is better than running two.

NSA is different. It uses the lightest of touches to achieve heavyweight results. An offshoot of chiropractic medicine, NSA enables people to access their bodies’ innate wisdom by releasing long-held energetic and emotional blockages that are held in tension in the spine. These energy releases are brought about by gentle hand or finger contacts applied at “spinal gateways” or “access points” along the neck and lower spine.

NSA is remarkable not only for the results it can produce, but for how it achieves them. Sometimes the NSA practitioner’s touch is light, and sometimes it’s downright ethereal, as their hands work the energy field above the body—a real mind-bender for people who believe we’re our physical bodies and no more.

Two healing waves characterize the NSA process. The first is a breathing wave, which releases tension in the spine and body. The second, which shows up further along in the wellness process, is a “somatopsychic” (or “bodymind”) wave that is characterized by a dolphin-like undulation.

According to wellness pioneer Donald Epstein, who developed NSA, this “has not been reported anywhere else … and is a signature of Network care.” He and other NSA practitioners believe the somatopsychic wave is a signal that the brain is re-organizing at higher levels of complexity, enabling people to process information less defensively and make better decisions.

Does NSA work? Apparently. A retrospective study of close to 3,000 NSA patients was conducted in the late 1990s. It “revealed significant positive health benefits and lifestyle changes. These included improvement in physical state, mental/emotional state, stress evaluation, life enjoyment, and overall quality of life.”

In our high-tech, hurry-up culture, it’s natural to expect quick fixes. You won’t get that with NSA. It takes years for the body to build up its protective patterns, and it takes time to release them too. Slowly but surely, NSA facilitates this process. It can help you get out of your own way and accelerate your path toward wellness. Light touch upon light touch, it can open you to a richer, fuller, more light-filled life.

For more information, visit the Association for Network Care Web site.

Carl Frankel is a journalist and author who has been writing about green business, green products, and integral living for the past 20 years.

By Carl Frankel, Care2 Green Living contributing writer


Annie Bond
Past Member 9 years ago

HI Stephanie, I probably should delete your comment as spam, but I do appreciate your willingness to answer questions.

In 1980 I was told I had permanent central nervous system damage from a gas leak. The result was severe multiple chemical sensitivity. Network Spinal Analysis has had a stunning result in that I am much less chemically sensitive, the sensitivity feels miraculously almost as if it is gone. This is an astonishing gift for me, and one I never dared hope for.

Stephanie Bridwell

I am a Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor in San Francisco, www.MagnoliaChiropracticCenter.com. I would love to share with you the benefits of this approach to healing and wellness. I can help answer any questions that you may have and help you find an NSA doctor near you. Feel free to call me, Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS, DC 415 931 5878 at Magnolia Chiropractic Center.

Monica Sharma
Monica Sharma9 years ago

I've experienced NSA, and while it seems odd that such a light touch can do anything it does work. I was suffering from ankle trauma, and my back had gone out - NSA helped with both and now I'm running again and my back is pain free. Much less invasive than standard chiropractic, which can work but forces the body into position.

Carrie Tully
Cathryn Tully9 years ago

what are the benefits of this as opposed to clinical massage, or accupuncture? I am very interested, but have never heard of this before...

Laura B.
Laura B9 years ago

Network Spinal Analysis, it's right in the title of the article.

Lori V.
Lori Vanscoter9 years ago

I have never heard of NSA. What does the initials stand fro, and how does it work?

Annie Bond
Past Member 9 years ago

AFter reading Carl's article I found a practioner and am now a few months into the treatments. It is SO WONDERFUL!