Less is So Much More: Living a Minimalist Life

Not long ago, I discovered a blog called “mnmlist.” I’ve been following Lloyd Alter’s Frugal Green Living series and he has added some interesting quotes from mnmlist creator, Leo Babauta, who also founded Zen Habits. What I really like about mnmlist is how refreshingly clean it is — no ads, no pictures, no clutter.

What is mnmlist about?

It’s about minimalism, and why it’s important today.
It’s about stuff, and how it has come to overwhelm us.
It’s about distractions and commitments and a neverending task list.
It’s about the culture of more, of bigger, of consumption.
It’s about how less is the answer.

That’s it. In the scheme of striving to consume less, edit more and create more of what we need, these ideas strike a chord with me.

This week, Babauta posted about empowering people to create. Those of you who follow my EcoNesting blog know that I love DIY. Babauta’s post truly resonated with me because it addresses the mindset of moving from “passive consumers to creators.” While I have written extensively about creative DIY projects, I hadn’t really put into words why creating your own stuff can be such a freeing experience.

Anyway, I thought the mnmlist post was meaningful and I decided to ask Babauta if I could share the post with the Care2 readers. When I searched mnmlist.com for Babauta’s contact info to query him about it, I handily found this statement:

“This blog is Uncopyrighted. Its author, Leo Babauta, has released all claims on copyright and has put all the content of this blog into the public domain. No permission is needed to copy, distribute, or modify the content of this site. Credit is appreciated but not required. Do whatever the hell you like.”

Wow, I never expected that! You don’t need to know much about writing or publishing to know that everything written online is somebody’s baby. Legally and ethically, you don’t want to mess with that. No copyright. Amazing…

empower people to create

“We live in a world where we are passive consumers: we see an ad for an iPhone, new car, new clothes; we go to the store or website and buy the item; we use it, and then dispose of it when we’re done.

What if we could break free from that?

What if we could become creators, participants, sharers, empowerers?

An awesome article about three guys who not only build bamboo bicycles, but show people how to make them themselves, really highlights how this can be done.

These guys are transforming people from passive consumers to creators, builders, knowledgeable users. That’s amazing.

How can you empower people? How can you turn people from consumers into makers? How can you help people from being passive users to knowledgeable ones?

Change the world — it’s waiting for you.”

Thank you, mnmlist.


Andrew M.
Andrew M5 years ago

Sorry if it's considered bad ettiquette at Care2 to comment on article that's a few years old but I just want to say that I'm so on-board with the minimalist lifestyle.

I'm not necessarily a creator but heck, I make the most out of my material possessions, sell the ones I don't really need, and donate items that are beneficial to others. This all started when I hit a financial drought (i.e. left work for health reasons) and I've never stopped since then.

Less is indeed more~ =]

Pat W.
Pat W7 years ago

I am trying to simplify and minimize my life from clothes to belongings. Also makes less clutter and less stress.

Sailor H.
Past Member 7 years ago

Yey for swap shopping with your Girl Guides, Bryony K.! I wish we had done this in Scouts- with parental permission, of course. It's fun to see your friends wearing clothes that you picked out.

Bryony Kirkpatrick

It is HARD! However, I have found one really good thing...

..swap shopping! it's not exactly new now or amazing but I've been going to a monthly one for about a year now and got rid of loads of junk and swapped it for loads of new cool stuff. Then if I get tired of that stuff, I can always swap it again! If I can't swap stuff, I just take it to a charity shop or try and sell it if I'm skint!

I told my girl guides about swap shopping and now they can't get enough! They're 10 - 15 year old girls! They LOVE swapping old clothes for new ones, findng the odd designer item in a swap, or some seriously funky vintage, they love creating a new look for themselves, experimenting, being arty with their style. It's great, they've all been now and we're gonna hold a swap shop at Guides soon! yay

Carol Anne Lucky
Carol Anne Lucky8 years ago

nice to know. thank you. I need this in my life.

Beng Kiat Low
low beng kiat9 years ago


Brittany R.
Brittany R9 years ago

Great Article Thank You.

Linda Mills
Linda Mills9 years ago


Tanya H.
Tanya H9 years ago

i agree with this lifestyle

Suzanne C.
S C9 years ago

It's interesting how popular minimalism is becoming now. I think it's a good thing.