Melinda K.
Past Member 5 years ago

well said...

Marianne Barto
Marianne B5 years ago

well spoken words...thanks

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

I think people should feel whatever they need to feel at a given moment. Sometimes, people need to be angry and have every right to feel so.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

So true and thanks for the reminder.

eileen r.
eileen reeger5 years ago

When I forgave my mother for her lack of maternal instinct and actions life became way less bitter for me and now we are friends. I give her the love she never had and she gives me the love I always craved as a child. Doesn't work out that well for everyone but I am fortunate.

Lin Moy
Lin M5 years ago

This is great because it is so...

Lucie G.
Lucie G5 years ago

so true. I never looked at it like that. Letting go and forgiving is more beneficial than holding on to it.

Lilly M.
Lilly Mitchell5 years ago

THANKS !!!!!!!

Margarita G.
Margarita G5 years ago

That's true! Thanks for posting!

Allelyah Always
Allelyah Always5 years ago

Relating to "Be the Change" Mediation and Transformation by the Shapiro's.

You are understanding about meditation and it is good to know what is happening when someone is doing it united with what is transformation to a unity existence. Knowing about unity complete you can do what you know how to do and say what can be used by life immediately to the experience of "this is able to be understood now" moving them into appreciated experiencing states of being with sight, activity and communication that is loved by them and added to.

If you are doing meditation as it is provided able to support the removal of areas of hardened resistance as well cause the circumstances of your physical being to understand a complete conduction of appreciated emotion and communication as one, then there is nothing different you are doing. In other words you would not understand yourself as "The Change." Life that exist as the Change is caused to be doing something different in all places. This would be similar to a human being that has restless leg syndrome everywhere. Fortunately, life that exists this way is not allowed to experience their body. There are some humans that are alive as the life of change and it is also true that robotics, TV sets, computing life and what is human body parts that are genetically manipulated exist this way. This life where they exist as interesting to someone who has been using themselves with them in a way that is not continuable can understand to be able t