Margarita G.
Margarita G5 years ago


Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago

Thanks Ed and Deb.

Nicole Andrea
Nicole Andrea5 years ago

I find these daily chills trite, because taken out of context they don't make sense for everyone. Could you imagine, after suffering years of spousal abuse, you finally leave the relationship and go to a therapist. The first thing the therapist says is, "just let go. Now, you're done. Don't come again. Nice to meet you." It's not as if these sayings are supposed to be therapeutic (?), in fact I don't know what purpose they serve, because they aren't complete thoughts, they don't work for everyone, and they seem trite in the face of people who are enduring extremely difficult times and who are unable to simply "let go". We should have more compassion for people who have difficulty letting go, and need years of help to be able to do so. I was disappointed to see these daily chills. There are plenty of good articles on care2 that are deep in thought, that I have always enjoyed. I don't like how these appear to be ads for well-being. It looks as if you're selling an invisible product, trying to convince us we need something we don't have.

Martha Clunie
Past Member 5 years ago

It is so important to not hang on to feelings of resentment, anger,frustration etc. We cannot really be comfortable in ourselves unless we disassociate ourselves from these feelings.Let them rear there ugly heads and then let them go is my motto.

Fiona T.
Fiona T.5 years ago

Loving your daily chill, keep them coming. Whenever a bad memory invades my mind I embrace it, own it, then let it go. All our memories good or bad are what makes us unique

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

That so doesn't work. It's impossible to just let go of bad memories. What works is new fun experiences and that distracts you from old grudges and bad memories. Bad memories are in there for a reason, so you won't make the same mistake again. They serve a purpose but you can't just get rid of them by plucking them out of your memory like a weed.

Ann B.
Ann B5 years ago

Thanks for sharing. This is something I have to remember to do.

Jane H.
Jane H5 years ago

letting go is a very spiritual thing.

Marianne Good
Past Member 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Sue H.
Sue H6 years ago

I am really enjoying your daily chill!