Life Force Diet: Add Enzyme Power Foods

Yesterday I introduced you to the Life Force Gold Foods. Among them there is a mostly overlooked type of food that offers incredible nutrition and the potential to greatly increase your body’s life force energy and vitality.  Sprouts are the greatest Life Force Gold Foods. During the sprouting process, when seeds, nuts, grains, or beans are soaked in water and then sprouted, a tremendous amount of life force is ignited and nutrients that were locked inside are released and multiplied. At the same time the protein, complex carbohydrates (the good kind), and fatty acids also increase in quan­tity and value. This is because the enzymes in the seed become active and initiate digestion of these macro-nutrients, making it easier to digest and assimilate their nutrients when you eat them.

Sprouts are packed with healing enzymes that can dramatically improve health. It is not essential to eat sprouts on the life force diet if you simply can’t stand them. However, I encourage you to try them since they offer the greatest life force and healing power of any foods. Whether you are suffering from severe fatigue, digestive troubles, depression, or cancer, sprouts’ powerhouse of enzyme and nutrients can help. Research shows that some impressive changes take place in seeds that are sprouted, making them a great source of nutrition. Following are a few of these changes:

1. The quality of protein in the seeds, grain, or beans improves. The proteins in grains change form during soaking or sprouting, which improves the nutritional value.

2. Fiber content of the seeds, grains, or beans increases. Since most of us are not getting adequate fiber, adding sprouts to our foods can be an excellent way to increase this valuable nutrient.

3. Essential fatty acids increase during the sprouting process.
These are the healthy fats our bodies need and few of us get adequate amounts in our diet.

4. Vitamin content increases, particularly vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E. The vitamin content of some seeds, grains, or beans can increase up to 20 times their original value within a few days of sprouting. Research shows that the sprouting process increases vitamins B1 up to 285 percent, B2 up to 515 percent, and niacin up to 256 percent.5

Sprouts are so easy to add to your diet. Here are some ways to help you get started:

• Add a handful to your favorite salad recipe.
• Throw a large handful of mung bean sprouts into your favorite dish or stir-fry after you’ve removed it from the heat and are ready to serve it.
• Add alfalfa or clover sprouts to a sandwich or wrap.
• If you want to spice up a salad or sandwich, add some mustard, radish, or fenugreek sprouts for instant flavor.
• Mung bean sprouts make a delicious salad alongside your favorite veggies.

Ready to eat more sprouts? Post your health intent and find community support and content to help you achieve it!

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Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, CNC, is a six-time and best-selling book author whose works include: The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, and The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan. She is a doctor of natural medicine, holistic nutritionist, and holistic life coach. Visit to learn more.


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Thank you.

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Good message with lots of substance and value in it.

Robert Westbrook
Robert Westbrook10 years ago

How can enzymes that are made from protein be eaten and not degraded in the stomach or intestine and work in other parts of the body besides the digestive tract. Enzymes are pH specific and can be cleaved just like other proteins. Aren't enzymes the most expensive protein you can take in your diet?

Barbara Chez Aurora

Thanks for posting this, it is so timely. I just started sprouting last week. And have also started growing wheatgrass. It's fun and easy too!

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KJay s10 years ago

Finally something I can whole heartedly agree on! Sprouts truly give you more bang for your buck. And it's so easy to sprout your own in whatever kind of germinator jar that suits you. Just need a little counterspace near a window (but not in direct sunlight), and a few days of soaking and rinsing - actually quite satisfying to watch the little guys grow. And there's so many types of seeds to sprout - Alfalfa being supremo, but also broccoli, red clover, radish, quinoa.... you can also get variety packs. Try something from the Biosnacky range, from Bioforce. I've often said that if mankind was suddenly forced to survive on only one food type, sprouts would probably be your best bet for sustained health. I'm going to get my germinating jar out this weekend. Thanks Michelle.

Michelle Schoffro Cook

Many people think sprouting is a lot of work and hard to do. It's actually really simple. I soak beans or seeds in mason jars and then use a mesh sprouting lid (you can also use cheesecloth and an elastic if you don't have a sprouting lid) to rinse and drain the sprouts a couple of times a day. In a couple of days, voila! Sprouts! I include thorough instructions and a sprout chart in my book, The Life Force Diet, so you can find out all the great foods that can be sprouted.

Michelle Schoffro Cook
Best-selling and six-time author whose books include: The Life Force Diet

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i have a germinating glass jar and sieve someone gave me, i need to use it more, ..i got it out a few days ago,

my friend has just got into all this raw food stuff she was talking it up bigtime the other day, hmm, i love raw corgettes, i need to try more raw!