Life Force Diet: Drink More Water

Your body needs adequate water to form blood, lymph fluid, and bodily secretions, to name a few. Water also helps prevent inflammation—research now shows that inflammation is a precursor to many chronic illnesses. Water helps substances flow in and out of cells by ensuring the correct pressure between the cell and the fluid it is bathed in. It moistens the surfaces of the lungs to allow proper oxygen intake and carbon dioxide expulsion. It helps to eliminate toxins and helps remove wastes from your body. Water en­sures the proper conductivity of electrical messages between brain and nerve cells. That’s right, your brain and nervous system communicate via electrical messages. If you think of how lakes or rivers conduct electricity when lightning strikes, you’ll have a good idea of water’s essential nature in conducting electricity in your body. Water is also required for countless chemical processes in your body, along with regulating your body temperature. Without adequate water, many of your body’s processes simply will not work properly.

Here are some of the most common symp­toms, signs, and lifestyle factors that may indicate insufficient water consumption:

• Alcohol consumption—2 or more glasses per day.
• Chapped lips.
• Coffee or tea consumption—3 or more cups per day.
• Constipation (fewer than 3 bowel movements daily).
• Dry mouth, eyes, or nasal membranes.
• Dry skin.
• Frequent urinary tract infections.
• Hemorrhoids.
• Small amounts of urine or urinating fewer than 6 times daily.
• Kidney stones.
• Tendency to be shocked by static electricity.
• Water consumption (fewer than 8 cups of water daily).

Keep in mind that many of the symptoms noted as possible nutri­ent or water deficiency signs can also be signs of illness. You should always consult your physician to rule out any serious disease. How­ever, it is my hypothesis that nutritional, water, or enzyme deficien­cies are at the root of or a contributing factor to almost every illness, including genetic ones!

If you’re not already drinking 8 to 10 cups of pure water daily, now is the time to start. As you learned earlier, your cells, tissues, and organs need water to perform their countless functions. Building life force requires adequate water. Here are some tips for boosting your water intake:

• On the road? Take a stainless steel water bottle.
• At a desk all day? Just keep a bottle or pitcher of water there too so you’ll remember to drink up.
• Need more reminders? No problem—set a timer on your computer, watch, or PDA to “go off” every hour to remind you to drink another cup of water.
• If you’re drinking coffee or tea, now is the time to cut back to one cup of organic coffee or tea a day. And don’t forget to add 2 more cups of water to replace fluids lost for each caffeinated beverage.

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Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, CNC, is a six-time and best-selling book author whose works include: The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, and The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan. She is a doctor of natural medicine, holistic nutritionist, and holistic life coach. Visit to learn more. provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.


Vural K.
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Jessica H.
Jessica H9 years ago

Oh boy. Okay, most folks who have articles on Care2 write wonderfully informative, inspiring and healthful articles, but I'm getting wary of this writer. Still on the whole 8 to 10 glasses thing, eh? And she says to add 2 additional cups of fluid for each caffeinated beverage consumed. Wow. So I have a cup or two of caffeinated tea a day. I should be drinking 14 cups of water? 8 - 10 cups are nowhere near a staple amount. Each individual ranges in activity, size, age, etc. There are many factors. Blanket statements like this could be harmful.

If you suffer from some of the issues she lists in this article, what you may need is more fat, not necessarily more water. Plus, there's fluoride in water, folks. Fluoride causes great harm and is actually toxic and a huge American myth that has been dispelled in many reputable sources. So drinking that much water could actually harm you.

I know her intentions are good, but please read this article below:

I guess the bottom line, is that I've read enough about her "Life Force Diet" to decide to move on from this writer.