Liquid Light and Water Justice

Fusing art and function, with environmental consciousness are the heart and spirit of eco-design. Artist, Tanya Clarke created Liquid Light as a visual reminder that water is a precious natural resource that needs protecting. Lighting creations that use recycled plumbing and hardware, handmade glass droplets and LED lights delight us with their visual nudge to lower our water footprint at home.

Here’s what I love about these beautiful lights – they encompass all that is good about green design – they provide a lighting fixture that is thoughtful and cleverly designed, with a positive nod towards environmental impact. To even sweeten the pot, Liquid Lights are created within the social context of giving back – 5 percent of the purchase price of Liquid Lights benefit the education and action of global water justice issues through the Polaris Institute. The light also represents what all design should – form, function and style. From the Liquid Light website:

“Liquid Lights are custom built, industrial designed light installations that experiment with the fusion of art, function and environmental consciousness. Liquid Lights create a visual reminder of the precious commodity that water is and our need to protect this natural resource. LED lights, recycled plumbing and hardware, hand sculpted glass drops and found objects are incorporated to contribute to the zero footprint…”

Whether or not you can afford to commission Tanya Clark’s Liquid Lights for illuminating your nest or not, consider all of the DIY inspirational lighting possibilities and appreciate the beautiful union of light, water and social consciousness.

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Photo Credits: Liquid Lights


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