Living Fearlessly in Changing Times

Discovering the way to fearlessly face the constant change that defines our lives is both a gift and a practice revealed by long time Buddhist teacher and author,  Bodhipaksa in his most recent book  Living as a River.  His voice and compassion provide clear and authentic directions to the peace that comes from cultivating a rich inner life.

Bodhipaksa was born in Scotland and currently lives and teaches in New Hampshire. He is a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing meditation since 1982. He has been a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1993.  As well as Living as a River, his other published works include the audiobooks The Wisdom of the Breath (Sounds True, 2009) and Still the Mind (Sounds True, 2009), and the books Wildmind: A Step-by-Step Guide to Meditation (Windhorse, 2010), and Vegetarianism: A Buddhist View (Windhorse, 2009).

He was given the name Bodhipaksa which means wings of enlightenment when he joined the Western Buddhist Order in 1993.   After realizing the incredibly powerful effect that meditation had on his own life, Bodhipaksa has spent his life creating opportunities for students to discover the power of meditation to change their lives.   His website,  which began as a graduate school project has grown into a resource that benefits millions.  Wildmind offers a wide range of audio and written training materials for both beginning and advanced students.  Learn more about the man and the method at

Employing a broad collection of ancient wisdom and a down to earth view of living on earth, this interview provides the insight and inspiration to not only seek, but to find deep and abiding peace of mind.

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Tough time to get out of Fear while there are lots of oppression and greed