Love as a Cosmic Energy

When he realizes that he is bathed in light, the feeling that comes over a miracle worker is one of intense love. This is because he is absorbing the qualities of spirit that the light contains.

When Jesus said “I am the light,” he meant “I’m totally in God’s force field.” In India people from every walk of life are eager to put themselves in a saint’s force field, which is called darshan, a Sanskrit word that means to be in someone’s sight.

In India it is well known that darshan isn’t the same with every saint. Some saints have a presence that is almost trancelike; others create a flavor like honey or the fragrance of flowers. The “darshan junkines” who spend hours in the presence of holy people can recite which shakti, or power, is felt around one saint or the next.

We are all in the force field of love, but in early stages of spiritual growth, its power is weak. We waver and can easily be thrown off in other directions. Conflicted emotions are at play, but more important, our perception of love is blocked.

Only after years of cleaning out the inner blockages of repression, doubt, negative emotions, and old conditioning does a person realize that God’s force is immensely powerful. When this occurs, nothing can pull the mind away from love. Love as a personal emotion is transmuted into a cosmic energy.

It takes a quantum leap in consciousness to love God all the time, yet when the leap is finally made, there is really no God to love, not as a separate object. The fusion of the worshipper and what he worships is nearly complete. But that is enough to animate everything in creation. This is the love that beings our body to life.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


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Love doesn't exist.

Hartson D.
Hartson Doak7 years ago

The Love of God for His Creation is what holds all this togther!

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Nawang Jinpa7 years ago

Thank you for explaing about Darshan, Darshan is so mysterious and so nourishing. I would love to now more about Guru yoga...

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Only after years of clearing away . . . Very true.

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