Low-Stress Ways to Have a Healthy & Eco-Friendly School Year

Whether you are sending your wee ones to kindergarten or college, we covered it all on this week’s Green Divas Radio Show. We had Nancy Massotto, founder and executive director of the Holistic Moms Network in the studio with us. Holistic Moms Network is a fast-growing community of parents interested in finding and sharing ways to parent in the healthiest, most natural ways. An inclusive organization, it is comprised of parents (yes, moms AND dads) who have a variety of philosophies and no specific methods or products are espoused.

Here are a few ways to have a healthy and eco-friendly school year


watermelon1. Healthy Whole Food Matters - From starting the day off with a healthy breakfast to packing a lunch that is “cool”healthy, yummy and eco-friendly, we talked about food in a couple of segments, but the Foodie-Phile offered some great ideas specifically for packing lunches. Get details from Green Diva Gina’s Foodie-Phile post with 9 Ways to pack a healthy, sustainable school lunch. ANDlisten to this Green Diva Foodie-Phile podcast all about school lunches!

2. Ride Bike or Walk to School – If it is safe and appropriate, getting kids into the habit of riding their bicycle or walking to school is a healthy habit that can help in college. Green Dude Eco Ed Schwartz talked about taking his son to college for the first time, and one issue is that of course most college students want to bring cars to school, but many campuses are encouraging more bicycle riding with bike rental programs on campus. He talked about all the waste in preparation for college and offered some great tips for young students as well as college-gound kids. Read his 10 tips for back to school on the Green Divas Radio Show post for this week. ANDlisten to this Green Dude podcast with a lot of ideas for a greener back to school experience.

3. Cover Your Own Books - Green Diva Mizar offers an EASY and fun tutorial on how to cover a book with almost any kind of used paper — from maps to wall paper! Read the post for all the DIY tutorial details with pictures. AND listen to this fun podcast on covering your own books and other silly stuff.

holistic moms black board in the green diva studio

4. Be Part of a Supportive Parenting Community - Whether it is the Holistic Moms Network or a group related to your child’s school, being part of a supportive parenting community is a great way to get and share ideas for dealing with the every day challenges of these busy school days. Listen to the Green Divas Radio Show and our special guest Nancy Massotto about the value of finding or creating a supportive parenting community.



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My daughter actually got REPRIMANDED for covering her own books with unique designs. The school was so paranoid about what any student might want to look at, that they mandated everything be all the same. Boring, a total rejection of our uniqueness, and no wonder so many of the students didn't go on to college -- they were sick of the control.

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Good suggestions. I'd like to see more cycle paths being built, to encourage cycling.

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