Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Q: What are some ways I can lower my blood pressure without the use of prescription drugs?

A: I always try to help my patients make lifestyle changes in conjunction with medication. Patients have been able to reduce the amount of medication they need and in a few cases get off of medications completely. It’s not easy. You are committed to the task and diligent.

Here are the things you should focus on:
• Don’t smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco product.
• Lose weight if you’re overweight.
• Exercise regularly (at least 30 minutes EVERY day).
• Eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and is low in fat.
• Limit your sodium, alcohol and caffeine intake.
• Try relaxation techniques or biofeedback.

If you need some help in structuring a diet, look to the DASH diet. It’s a well-researched approach to lowering your blood pressure. Find out the details of the diet from the National Institutes of Health.

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Ruth R.
Ruth R6 years ago

emailed, shared, saved.

Kay O.
Kay O7 years ago

Thanks for the advice and helpful comments, too!

Sumiko K.
Sumiko K7 years ago

Deep breathing lower blood pressure.
When I have higher BP of over 140, I can easily lower my BP by deep breathing to 120-130 over 65-75.
Apple cider vinegar sesame oil, ginger, garlic, onion, beet, curry powder, etc lower BP.
We have good reason to worry about our high BP knowing if we don"t control we have chance of having stroke and heart attack.

Eli Is Here
.7 years ago

I need to quit smoking.

Julie F.
Julie F7 years ago

I too try to exercise in the morning but when I don't get enough sleep, it is hard.

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado7 years ago

I am still dragging my foot for the 30-minute daily exercise. When you get home from work you just want to put up your feet and relax.

Vural K.
Past Member 8 years ago



Lily C.
Lily C9 years ago

Maybe I should really start this healthy habit and make it a daily routine. I seriously need to adapt a healthier lifestyle. But I do yoga a few times a week and blog every night to relax so I can mark off the last bullet. Thanks for a great article.

Mackenzie W.
Mackenzie W.9 years ago

My grandfather used the Zona Plus to lower his blood pressure by over 50 points (a device that guides you through a special therapy)! It has been reviewed by the Harvard Health Letter and been proven in numerous clinical trials. Worth looking into!

Rosemary Henni
Rosemary Henni9 years ago

My husband(aged 74) has successfully lowered his blood pressure, and cut his medication by half, with resistance exercise, ie, weights, each morning for 20 minutes.