Can a Magic Banana Improve Your Sex Life?

Is that a Magic Banana in your hoo-ha, or are you just happy to see us?

Sorry, feeling lewd today, but it’s not every day that a magic banana joke opportunity presents itself like that. It’s not every day that Kegel exercises get a sleek, sexy makeover, either—which is exactly what the Magic Banana does. Think of it as an exercise tool that also gives you orgasms. Which is more than you can say for your elliptical, the exercise tool that gives you nothing but mockery and an extra place to hang scarves.

The ladies over at Magic Banana sent us one to try, and you better believe we were psyched to put in some serious time thoroughly testing it. First off, it’s compact, which is great news for our already over-stuffed sex drawer. And not that we’re superficial, but it’s nice to see a design that’s different from the usual offerings in Kegel exercisers (they’re usually the ones resembling a string of large pastel Christmas lights or deformed Thigh Masters at your neighborhood adult store). It’s precisely the Magic Banana’s flexible loop design, perfected over 30 years—geez, make a girl wait for it—that makes it as pleasurable as it is effective, conforming to the contours of a woman’s body, and self-adjusting in conjunction with muscular movement.

How’s it work? Like other Kegel accessories, it’s all about the squeeze and release of your pelvic floor muscles. Add resistance, and those muscles get even stronger, giving you stronger contractions, a tighter grip, and increased blood flow during sex. Did somebody say better orgasms?! (Oh, that was us.) There are other less sexy, but equally fantastic benefits too, like relieving lower back pain, preventing leaky bladder issues, and aiding in smoother childbirth.

The Magic Banana takes the benefits of Kegels even step further though. Once you insert the loop, you can change up the rate at which you move it in and out, adjust the width of the loop, and increase intensity to explore your G-Spot, which means orgasm-y good times whether you’re solo or with a partner. Only downside? It’s hard to say “honey, get the Magic Banana” in the middle of dirty talk without laughing a little… but hey, at least now our PC muscles are so strong we no longer pee when we laugh! Silver lining, people.

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paul m.
paul m4 years ago

Noted.....( I'm on the wrong page..but interesting .)

Kelly Davis-steel
Kelly D4 years ago

lol thanks

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago


Lupe G.
Lupe Guerra4 years ago

haha; too cute!

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

It's cool that it has other benefits like relieving lower back pain.

Stella Gamboni
Stella Gamboni5 years ago

I think I've just found my next boyfriend!

Stephanie A.
Stevie A5 years ago

I saw the picture and thought, "What have they come up with now?" It looks very sleek and I figured I'd hear about it 6 years from now if I didn't check it out. Glad I did. It is sleek. (And I am very grateful that 45 years ago, a certain mother told a certain girl that masturbating is perfectly normal.)
The article is short and sweet.

Evelyn Evans
Evelyn Evans5 years ago

This is about sexual health and kudos to this woman owned business and women inventor who understands our bodies and supports our sexual health. Self discovery in all forms is good. I learned in my early twenties as a young wife that self discovery and understanding my own body and my own brain, where sex really originates is what opens that chakra and allow the natural desire and subsequent pleasure we have is supportive of your husband, your boyfriend, your man and YOURSELF! Thank you Care2 for posting this product invented by a woman and in support of women.