The Magic Mirror Exercise: Seeing The World Through Godís Eyes

The magic mirror exercise is designed to give you a brief taste of big mind. While our normal mental state is to dwell in the relative small mind, it is possible to develop practices that briefly open the gates of big mind. Each time this happens, we get flashes of insight.

Look at yourself through big mind by learning the Magic Mirror Exercise.

Editorís Note: The meditation given here is a brief synopsis of Rabbi David A. Cooperís Magic Mirror meditation, found on the CD that comes with his book Ecstatic Kabbalah (Sounds True, 2005).

Settle yourself comfortably, and imagine yourself on a path. Imagine everything around you. There is a house in the distance, and you are walking towards it. The house has three rooms.

Walk up to the front door. This is a house in which you can feel perfectly safe. Imagine the front door.

Step inside to the first room. It is completely empty except that there is a mirror on the wall. Look at yourself in the mirror. What does your physical self look like? What do you feel is good or bad about the way your physical self looks? Look at your emotional self. How does that look? What looks good or bad to you about your emotional self? Finally, look at your intellectual self. What looks good or bad to you about your intellect?

Move into the next room. Again, this room is completely empty, except for a mirror on the wall. Look into the mirror and see the Divine. See God. What do you see?

Move into the third room. It, too, is completely empty, but for a mirror on the wall. Imagine yourself in the mirror, but imagine that it is the Divine looking at you? What would the Divine see? What about your physical appearance? Your emotional? Your intellect?

Adapted from Ecstatic Kabbalah, by Rabbi David A. Cooper (Sounds True, 2005). Copyright (c) 2005 by Rabbi David A. Cooper. Reprinted by permission of Sounds True.
Adapted from Ecstatic Kabbalah, by Rabbi David A. Cooper (Sounds True, 2005).


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worth trying even if objective unattainable

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This sounds like a great exercise and I am looking forward to trying it. Thank you.

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If we see the World through God's eyes, we need to make a lost of changes to make thing right. Thanks.