Make a Coffee Table Out of a Tree Stump

Utilizing beautiful, natural objects in the home has many benefits. It creates an inviting space and, more often than not, the crafts or pieces of furniture you can make out of these objects will be more durable (and more special to you) than pieces you could buy in a store.

One great example? You could make a sturdy coffee table out of a tree stump. Doing so will take a pretty large slab cut out of a trunk for the top of the table—look for a more oval-shaped trunk if that’s what you’d prefer your table to look like. Smaller round trunks will make a good base for the coffee table, plus could be used for the tops of matching end tables.

If you or someone you know has property with any downed trees, that might be a good opportunity to hunt for the perfect stump out of which to cut your slab. If you go this route, your table will be unique and uniquely inexpensive. Plus, think of all the energy and materials being saved because you are using found objects to make something most of us have in our homes.

You could stain your tree trunk coffee table, or you could simply leave it a natural color and seal it. For more detailed instructions on creating your table, see Rustic Home Décor: Tree Stump Table.

If you’re looking for a similar project but on a smaller scale, you could use pieces of wood from large branches or small trunks to create a cutting board or a centerpiece. Check out Homegrow, Homemade Cutting Board for the instructions.

Photo by Scott Kriner

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Sounds interesting to make! Maybe smaller one for side table!
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Oh man! I love this idea. And I like Anastasia J.'s suggestion of asking tree service folks to help out, as they certainly have access to the raw materials plus the knowledge probably of if a tree stump is in good enough condition.

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