Make a Unique, Hand-Crafted Wooden Spoon

Did you ever have a pocketknife when you were kid? Did you sometimes pick up twigs and whittle them down, just for fun? You can bring that childhood pastime back in a wonderful, practical way by learning how to carve wooden spoons.

To make a wooden spoon, you just need a few supplies, including a sharp pocketknife, sandpaper and a scrap piece of hardwood. To get free hardwood, ask around at a lumber yard or even get in touch with a local high school to see whether you pick up scraps from their woodshop class.

When you begin to craft your spoon, consider a few things: Do you want a long handle or a short handle? A deep cup (perhaps for soups or sauces) or a shallow one? A delicate spoon or a heavy-duty one? After you know what you want, begin to carve (carefully), keeping in mind that you’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way. The “imperfections” in a hand-carved item are part of what makes it so unique and, I think, beautiful.

When your spoon is carved into the rough shape you want, sand it very well. Rub the sanded spoon with oil. For complete instructions on spoon-making, see How to Make a Wooden Spoon.

Hand-carved spoons make great gifts, and, if you really love the process of making them and become skilled, spoon-making could turn into a small, home-based business.

Like small-scale wood projects? Maybe your next one could be crafting a wooden cutting board or centerpiece. After that, try turning a tree branch into a rustic coat rack. Whatever you choose to make, good luck with your projects!

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