Make Baby Shoes That Will Knock Your Socks Off – 8 DIY Baby Shoes

Those of us who are parents or grandparents know that babies need to grow in nurturing healthy environments. Common sense plays a prominent role in how we raise our kids. New moms and dads have ongoing internal worries for their babies. They make zillions of decisions about what is best for their children for many (many, many…) years. But, in the first year or so, there are so many questions to be answered: “Is my baby healthy?” “When will she cut her first tooth?” “Should I use plastic or cloth diapers?” “When will he walk?” The list goes on and on.

Walking is one of those baby milestones that gets recorded in the baby book and video documented for years of enjoyment. Babies have strong little feet that are built for gripping, balancing and supporting their growing bodies.

Do babies need shoes?
Babies do not need shoes to learn how to walk. Nature provides babies with padded soles on their feet, and toes to help keep their balance. In fact, they have better stability when they are barefoot. It helps when they are exposed to different surfaces: grass, carpet, wood and sand.

That said, babies feet are sensitive and shoes provide protection and warmth. Floors with harsh chemicals are another reason to cover babies feet. You’ve all seen adorable tikes sucking on their feet. Yes?

What types of shoes are best for babies?
Shoes should be comfortable, flexible and cute! For walking balking babies it’s best to provide them with breathable shoes with non-slip soles.

Will they wear them?
Babies are curious and they will instantly notice if their feet are covered. Some will love shoes, and some will just tear them right off. Softness is the key when making or purchasing baby shoes.

Below are 8 DIY projects to make baby shoes. Remember, baby feet are sensitive and ordinary sheep’s wool may be too rough. Try merino, cotton, or silk for a softer alternative.

DIY Baby Shoes

1. Cute Felt Booties

2. Baby Shoes Made From Fabric Scraps

3. Wool Felt with Rick Rack

4. Crochet Shoes For Infants

5. Soft Leather Shoes
6. Knitted Baby Clogs

7. Easy Knitted Booties

8. Denim Shoes with Leather Soles

When did your little one start walking? Did they learn to walk barefoot or with shoes?


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