Make Beautiful Gifts at Home

If you love making gifts instead of buying them, here are some simple ideas that won’t cost a lotóbut will mean a lot to those who receive them.

One of the keys to handmade presents is thinking about what you already have on hand. For instance, do you have some mason jars tucked away in a cabinet? You could whip together a homemade cookie mix and make a sticker with instructions for the jar. In the article Handmade Gifts From the Heart, you’ll find a few cookie mix recipes, plus fabulous other ideas for handmade gifts, such as homemade bird treats and a beautiful wooden cheese board.

If those ideas aren’t up your alley, maybe something a little quirkier is the thing you’re looking for. Duct tape is something a lot of us have around the house, and one arts-and-crafts craze is making cool items out of the classic tape. For instance, follow the instructions in Make a Duct Tape Bag and you can create a flashy, fun duct tape purse.

Let’s say you don’t have anything around the house that’s inspiring you. Perhaps it’s time to look outside! A handmade wreath is not only an enjoyable project to work on, but in most cases you can find the materials to make the gift absolutely free. For ideas on materials to look for and how to put the wreath together, read Easy, Elegant Homemade Wreaths.

Happy holidaysóand enjoy your gift-making adventures!

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Creative Handmade Gift Ideas


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