Make Your Own Shimmering Rose Petal Ice Cubes

Remember walking around with a pink-stained tongue all summer long? Gardenista editor Michelle doesn’t advocate the return of Kool-Aid to your diet, but if you keep a tray of DIY rose petal ice cubes in the freezer, you will be able to instantly replicate the excitement of drinking pink.

Originally inspired by Sweet Paul Magazine. Photographs by Michelle Slatalla for Gardenista.

Above: Rose petal ice cubes are a lovely addition to any clear or light-colored drink. Put them in drinking water or a cocktail.

Above: Basically all you need for this project is an ice cube tray, some pesticide-free rose petals (or whole miniature rose flowers) from your garden, water and patience. The trick to getting the rose petals to appear suspended in the middle of the cube is to freeze the ice in layers.

Step No. 1: Pour enough water into an ice tray to fill it one-third of the way. Freeze.

Step No. 2: Place petals or rose flowers on top of the ice. Add enough water to fill the tray two-thirds of the way and freeze again.

Step No. 3: At this point, the petals or flowers will be suspended in the ice and unable to float annoyingly to the top of the cube. It’s safe to fill the tray the rest of the way with water and freeze.

Above: Michelle can’t decide if she’s prefer a scattering of individual petals or a whole flower in her ice. Either way, she prefers it to Kool-aid.

Above: Michelle made her ice cubes in an old-fashioned metal Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray; $28.47 from Amazon.

For another edible rose recipe, see DIY: Rose Petal Honey on Gardenista.


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