Making Space For What You Want

Thereís a healer with a magical touch, who dreams of doing what she was created to do but the thing she does for money leaves her lost, separated from her truth. Another wild one longs for love but holds back because giving her heart means opening her home, and itís haunted by piles of who she used to be. And there is the one who aches to run and dance and twist her body in soulful ways who hasnít even a few hours each week to cultivate the strength she knows belongs to her.

Something must be terribly out of alignment when we–you and me–havenít the time and energy and money (or whatever other obstacle we find between us and ourselves) to be who we were born to be.

We must make space in our lives for what we desire.

If we want to grow something new in the natural world, everyone knows to begin by making a space for the new thing to grow. We get on our hands and knees and prepare the landscape–the garden, flowerbed, or pot of soil. We release the grass, weeds, or remains of last yearsí growth that occupy that space, so that new life can have the opportunity to thrive.

You and I are part of the natural world, why would the principles that govern our lives be any different than what thrives in the wild? It isn’t. In many ways, our lives and wild life are the same.

So, what is it that you want to grow in the gardens of your life? What are the seeds in your heart that your soul pines to bring to life? Look within for your answers and then, look around you. Do you have the space–the time, energy, attention, and money–to plant and nurture what youíve just called into your experience? Or perhaps you’ve resisted asking for fear there isnít a way? What about your physical space, is there room for you in your life? Iíve heard a handful of stories in the last five years about people who, with the intention of inviting love, made space for a future partner in their home by releasing that which no longer served them. They emptied half of the bedroom closet, dresser, bathroom drawers, and kitchen cabinets. One woman even left one side of the two car garage open for the one she was open to.

That is a bold statement of intention, isn’t it? They might as well scream to the universe, ďHey YOU! Can you see me? I am ready for love!Ē It takes a great deal of courage to be willing to see emptiness in your home, to be reminded that whatís coming hasnít yet arrived. I canít help but think that kind of openness, that willingness to feel what is in order to prepare for whatís next, is incredibly attractive.

For me, it was not belongings but rather a relationship that I needed to release, a big one. It was a relationship Iíd been trying to release off and on since it started. It took time, lots of time and a significant amount of pain, but eventually I learned what I needed to learn. Perhaps it’s true that finally, we both did. Either way, I got there… finally and I let go.

Within a few hours of releasing that relationship–yes, a few hours–I met the love of my life. It was instant and true, the kind of thing people write movies about but nobody believes is real until they see it for themselves. It was… surprising to be a part of something so powerfully timed. It felt, and continues to feel, as if a million little pieces in both of our lives fell into place in one fell swoop.

And that charming little love story isnít the only time goodness flowed into my life because I was able (and willing… or perhaps they are the same in these stories) to release that which no longer served me. Over the years, Iíve clung to everything from too tight blue jeans to cold hard cash, and ugly, scratchy yarn to an unused sewing machine. I held tightly to what I had for fear that what I really wanted or needed might never come. What I learned (obviously the hard way) is that my wants and needs canít be met as long as I remain stuck in that fear. When I cling to that which no longer serves me, I tell the universe that Iím fine, that I donít have room for anything more in my life, that the magic is unneeded here. Is that the message I meant to be sending? No, of course not, but I was and I had to learn to let go.

I love the magic, at least it feels like magic when I’m able to trust and everything just falls in line. To be honest, it’s rarely what I thought would happen or even what I said I wanted to happen. But still, it’s undeniable that when I am open, what I want and need flows into my life.

When I finally let go of those too-tight blue jeans, a friend gifted me three bags of the most beautiful, stylish, comfortable clothes that fit me like a glove, including four pair of amazing blue jeans. And I love that every single time I have the courage to release a cool idea because it wasnít cool enough to resonate with anyone else, a more magnificent, fabulously-attractive idea comes through and expands me and this business to a whole new level of success.

Yes, thatís where we are. Youíre reading this article because I was willing to release the last good idea, which made room for the Sick of Being Stuck adventure to flow in. It happens all the time to people all over the world, we just have to have the courage to make ourselves available.

We must make space in our lives for what we desire.

So, what is that thing that you want to cultivate in your life? If itís love, is there space in your schedule and your closet for that special someone? Do you have time to get to the gym for workouts, or the space in your kitchen to make food that supports the body youíre creating? Are you making yourself available to study your dreams, to pursue your passions, to seek mastery in your field? Is there room in your house for the drop cloth and easel if painting makes your heart sing?

Itís time to take back our lives, to make ourselves available for the brilliant and beautiful experiences that are really ours to live. Let’s release that which no longer serves us and free ourselves from the past, from that which has us stuck. Why not give ourselves the same opportunity weíve been giving our parents and children, bosses and lovers, our friends and everyone else weíve supported along the way?

I can’t say for sure how it works but I know that it is true. If you create the space, plant the seed, tend it properly, the beautiful life that belongs to you will come for you. It’s as if everything simply begins to realign. Itís not always easy but it is simple, and now is the time. Your life is waiting for you.

If it’s time for your life to bloom but you don’t know where to begin, consider registering for the next Sick of Being Stuck Intro Course. It only takes one month, fifty dollars, and a desire for something wonderful enough to inspire you to create space. Oh, and you have to be sick of being stuck. (That’s the most important part!) Visit for additional resources and information about the SOBS program.


Eileen W.
Eileen W5 years ago

Wonderful article. I'm in a big 'letting go' mode at the mo, and the more I release the things that are no longer important or good to hang on to, the easier I find to trust that it's opening the way for a new and exciting path. The really great thing, is that the good that came from the stuff or situation in the first place is still with me, but the stress of trying to hang on has gone.
Thanks Christy...such powerful inspiration. :)

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

Thank you so much!

Kiana Siino
Kiana S5 years ago

You are so right. Letting go is hard, but important. I'm currently letting go of a relationship. It's the right thing to do and we're still very good friends, but it is difficult. It will give me the space to go where I need to go and do what I need to do and meet the people I need to meet though, so I'm trying to stay positive and open.

Vicky Pitchford
Vicky P5 years ago


Nikki E.
Nikki E5 years ago

Very true..thank you

Elsa O.
Elsa O5 years ago


Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Great article with so many truths. Sometimes I'm so precoccupied with what I think I should make more space for, I don't focus on what I want to make space for. Thanks Christy.

Penny C.
penny C5 years ago


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Andrea Connelly
Andrea Connelly5 years ago

Great post as usual. Thanks Christy.