Man’s Best Friend: A Polar Bear?!


Mark Dumas is purported to be the world’s only person that can get up close and personal with a polar bear. The 60-year-old Canadian and his wife, Dawn, have been training 800-pound Agee since birth for work in film and television.

Mark and Agee are very close — they playfully wrestle, give each other hugs, and even go swimming together. In fact, as a cub, Agee lived in the Dumas home, was bottle-fed, and played with the family’s dogs.

The pair share a bond that no other human has matched. So how do they do it? Dumas told the Sun newspaper last year that, “I have worked with bears for 40 years, so I can read Agee’s body language and know how to behave safely.”

What do you think about their bond? Is it a touching case of man and beast getting along, or is it problematic that Agee has been around people her whole life and is trained for entertainment?

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Fi T.
Past Member 1 years ago

Let's work out this inherent bond with our animal friends

Elisa F.
Elisa F3 years ago

One Lucky Dude!!! Thanks for sharing.

Mary Streaker
Mary Streaker5 years ago

i'm jealous.loved it

Abbe A.
Azaima A5 years ago

gorgeous. Next best thing to living free

donna cassidy
donna cassidy5 years ago

I think its great. So many times people judge others without knowing the facts. When i raised the alaskan timber wolf I had people telling me how cruel I was for keeping her in captivity and she belonged in the wild..EXCEPT for one problem..They were (as they are again) being hunted down by snow scooters, helicopters, traps, and poisoning. THAT does not sound like a wonderful life..Mine were born in captivity by captive parents. But i went around and showed people how really deep there emotional bonds were to there families alot like ours. people don't seem to understand the wild is no longer the wild. the human has made a claim to everything, I thought the video was great. The Agee is happy and healthy and he has the ability to help show the world about the polar win situation to me..

Julia R.
Julia R5 years ago

This man reminds me of Doug Souse who lives and trains grizzly bears, and his most famous bear, Bart the bear for the Movie "The Bear, " an amazing movie in which you saw hunting from the standpoint of the animal and what the animal is put through always being followed and harrassed by hunters and their dogs especially in the case of bears! Doug Souse has put most of the money back that he made from his films with Bart and now Bart Jr. and Honey bunch saved much wilderness areas for grizzlies. These bears are being raised with people almost as members of a family and they have much more freedom than in a circus and people are interacting with every day to play with them- so I don't feel it is entertainment in the way that exploits them but maybe helps to educate people on how amazing bears are and that is why we need to save them!

Jude Hand
Judith Hand5 years ago

Not sure how to answer the question at the end of the article. Be careful, sir. Shell Oil may want to use this as proof that polar bears can exist happily when the Arctic ice is further destroyed. This aside, it is cool to watch their relationship. I'd like to think that, even if 'used' in entertainment, her owner will keep her healthily.

Martina A.

OMG! he´s adorable!

Ruth R.
Ruth R5 years ago

Nice story -- like a little paridise on earth -- hope it stays that way!

Stacey Cadaret
Stacey Cadaret5 years ago

i watch the video and they seem have strong healthy happy bond together as long as agee GUARDIANS always keep HEALTHY RESPECT for the polar bear seems to be win - win situation for the bear Agee will never have to struggling for survival i am sure that if anything were to happen to Dumas. that safety plan is in his will for the bear they seem to treat the bear like part of the family why wouldn't he make sure the bears well cared for after he gone i have heard of people leaving everything they own to their pets nothing to their families